Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Jodie And Kansas City Newz Links Tonight

Tonight we're inspired to pull down a few more links thanks to Jodie Gasson hotness and a few blazing topics worthy of consideration tonight. Take a look:

Midtown Kansas City Gas Station Mediation
QuikTrip says it will work with West Plaza neighbors on expansion plan
Tragic urban Core Crash Scene
Car ripped in half in crash on Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd
Mary Sanchez Talks Healing
Handling sexual assault in high schools is a complicated matter
Mental Health Out In The Stix
Family says man's struggle with mental illness led to deadly Lee's Summit shooting
TKC Follow-Up: Considering Question #2
What voters should know about a Children's Services Fund Tax in Jackson County
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

How can you talk about sexual healing if you have never had sex?

Anonymous said...

Be careful, Mark.Its never too late ,depending on just HOW sick your brother is. I'm sure you have thought the scenario thru many time's.

Just hate to see something happen to you. No matter the geographical situation is..If I were you I would KNOW the minute he is not in WV.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^A troll being a drama queen. Get a grip, coward.^^

I don't care about Mark. He & I both know that he's a pussy. Yes, he's afraid of me, but then he's afraid of Gloria, too. Unlike Gloria, I have never hit him. I have never hit anyone who didn't hit me first. I have won every fight I have ever been in since childhood because when someone hits me they suddenly become my father & I try to kill them. I become a 6'7", 200 lb, lean & mean berserker. That's why only anonymous pussies trolling blogs call me names. You can call me names here, & generally insult me, but if you hit me in the real world, you better have a friend near by to pull me off of you.

Why do you care about me? If you don't want me to comment on this blog, then why do you invite me to comment on this blog.

Seems to me, you should be addressing your own issues, instead of worrying about what mine might be.

Tell the pussy, Mark Squitiro that I don't care about him enough to seek him out.

Anonymous said...

10:25 was Byron so he would have something to harp on. Doesn't he sound like Glazer more and more every day. Like a blind skinny asshole could beat up a wet paper bag. Remember gimp, you're disabled, can't work and all that crap, but think you could take on the whole WWF crew, spare me the bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Remember Byron lives in the trailer park within sight of the VA hospital. He thinks we forgot about him?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Idiot, I was not 10:25. Apparently you're not as psychic as you imagine.

I know I could kick your ass & so do you. No one is afraid of middle class white men, that's why you always carrying guns.

You're pussies.

You're afraid of Blacks, you're afraid of Mexicans, you're afraid of Muslims, you're afraid of gays, you're afraid of women, & they know it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Bring it on trolls. Tell me how anonymous cowards are intrinsically braver than anyone else.

I don't live in a trailer park. You failed again.

Come on pussies, I can do this all night.

Anonymous said...

im 10:25 ,Byron. Where in the hell did i call you a name??

I was talking to Mark ,not you. this may be impossible to believe ,Mark and I do keep in touch, and yes ,the story from Lee's summit got me to worrying about him.

For damn good reason , id say

Anonymous said...

BTW- Were all quite sure you've got all night long,for this.

That's because you're a fuckin LOON. dude. that's right ,CRAZY!!!!

I just got off the horn with Mark and he told me to tell you to

HE WILL NOT BAIL YOU OUT OF ANOTHER DOMESTIC!! his word's, man, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Spunkhouser ,were all so sure ur a real bad mofo. you got ud scared shitless of you ,guy..BOOOOO!!!!

bwaahahahaha you just shat yourself ,didnt you hahaha!! you know you did.