Friday, October 14, 2016

Jason Kander Senate Success Hings On Distancing Himself From Hillary Clinton

There's a lot of hype about polling bu this overview from CNN International is probably the most objective and interesting analysis of the upcoming Missouri contest.

Money line . . .

"Kander is a very talented politician and all of his ads portray him as someone who's beyond ideology and beyond and party, and in fact it's somewhat reminiscent of the way that Barack Obama first presented himself in 2008," said Senate Leadership Fund President Steven Law. "The challenge here is to overcome that fresh-face image and drive home the fact that this is someone who has a long track record and very strong ideological views."

Trump voters key to MO Senate win for Dems


Anonymous said...

He should state his views on unsolicited bulk email!

Anonymous said...

This really begs the question: why the fuck did he agree to be a co-chair of Clinton's campaign in MO?

Anonymous said...

Pretty straightforward, actually.
When you're an ethically-challenged opportunist with no real core beliefs other than your own ego and career, you grab a hold of whatever seems like the most likely upward path forward of the moment.
Pander certainly isn't the only politico who demonstrates this sad character flaw, but since this post is about him, there you have it.
Take a look at the other names that will be on the ballot on November 8 and you'll see that he has plenty of company.
Which is why government at most every level has approval ratings below those of most contagious diseases.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny Blunt and the Republicans are shitting their pants because Kander might actually win. It's okay Mel, you can just join the rest of your family as a lobbyist. Or are you the facilitator to your family getting as much free shit as possible? Mel is worried he's going to lose his license to steal in D.C.