Thursday, October 13, 2016


Kansas City media reports this online hoax with glee in order to fact check social media denizens who will believe anything . . .

The online advertisement outraged many who remember the horrors caused by a man once called "The Butcher of Kansas City."

Serial killer Bob Berdella of Kansas City once sold wares inside a booth in the Westport Flea Market.

This week, someone posted online they are going to reopen what was once called “Bob’s Bazarre Bizarre,” using his name and selling items that belonged to him.

Before Berdella had tortured and killed six men inside his home, he was known in the community as an eccentric man who sold antiques.


Westport Flea market quickly dispelled talk of this hoax and continues their pledge to downplay the connection to the infamous killer out of respect to the families of the victims.


Anonymous said...

The White Male Monster...There's no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

The Berdella House was the original airbnb for young lodgers.

Anonymous said...

This joke didn't pull the wool over the eyes of just social media types.
Christa Dubill on Channel 41 was so excited over this "story" she made it the lead on her "news" segment.
These local tv personality readers are really jokes.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Totally agree. Airheads all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because most crime is perpetrated by serial killers. Did your brain transplant go well?

Anonymous said...

The bare minimum of research. I mean, please, Christa, just one tiny little wiki article inbetween your applications of cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

I wish my old shop, "Bob’s Bazaar Bizarre" would open up. Westport, Plaza and Midtown NEED a occult shop. And hey I'm a nice guy if your down on your luck I'll give you a job and room and board at my Hyde Park Home.

The Ghost of Bob Berdella

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Hyde Park is any better? That neighborhood is full of weird and scary people.

Ghost of Bob Berdella....That was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Dubill is a mistress of "upspeak" and a douche. So are Carolyn Long and Donna Pittman.

Anonymous said...

Shit Tony there's three phony items we fed you on your home page alone, fool.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think Dubill made up the up skirt controversy? Ya she's not ugly, but she's not all that. She's a KC six, a New York 4 and a SoCal and Texas 2.

Plus no matter how much the Ghost of Bob Berdella wants it. People are so over that case. Berdella died so long ago. The home house is torn down. All of the gay hangouts of his are either shut during or torn down. Hell people don't even think of the flea market anymore when it comes to the Westport Flea Market. It's all about burgers and MU alumni meetings.

Let Bob erdella hot in hell and let his ghost haunt TKC.

Bob Hill said...

People should know that whether this story is true or not, for the family of the victims Kansas City will be known as one that embraces the killer over the victims and the family of victims. My wife's brother was one of the victims and she died last year from what were the results of grief and a lifetime of witnessing this kind of pure hatefulness. The shithead that made the movie Bob's bizarre whatever put the focus on her brother for his "comedy" after she pleaded with him to be responsible. Steve shithead Kraske laughed with him that "nothing was funnier than serial killers" on his kcur show. Stickers have covered the city's lampposts telling to 'obey bob'. An attempt was made to turn his house into a haunted house. This is still going because of what a loser town this is underneath. The list of affronts goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Well your wife's brother asked for it.

Anonymous said...

Wish it did then I would have a reason to go Westport Flea Market. Cannot handle those nasty burgers of theirs.

Anonymous said...

@Bob Hill. How can someone turn his house into a haunted house? It's been torn down since the early '90's.

Bob Hill said...

My point has been proven.

Crazy Clown said...

FACT : This is exactly what Happens when those Corporate News Media Dipshits, wanna have Musical Chairs all the time at their News Studio's !
Constantly hiring NEW Reporters that are NOT even from this area or region.
These News media networks CHURN out reporters like a baby goes thru Diapers !
and when they do HIRE a New reporter or Anchor, very seldom are they from around this city or area, they come from the east coast or the west coast, never grew up around here or went to school around here.

So what WE local Kansas Citians end with are NAIVE, Ignorant, Clueless YOUNG Brainless reporters & Anchors

Basically a bunch of Talking heads that look good in front of the camera!

Case in point :

I'll bet if I was to announce that I was opening up a new Restaurant and call it:

"Ed Gains" family restaurant

Jeffery Dahmers Fine Dining

Henry Lee Lucas eatery

or even better ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hannibal Lectors Sweet Shop

These New YOUNG NAIVE Clueless un'educated Brainless reporters and news Anchors would be tripping over themselves to do a story on any of the above,,, with Big Smiles on the faces !!!

Totally unaware of any of those former well known MASS Murder Serial Killers that CUT their Victims up and Ate them !!!!
Some spent days torturing them, pouring Acid into their eyes while alive and sticking knives into them, while alive and electrocuting them while still alive all kinds of weird Deviant sick twisted shit !

So, Hop On down with your Cameras and News reporters and lets do a Story huh , news media Journalists with your supposed Degree in Journalism that you like to wave around like its some damn bible !

Wake up, pull your heads out of your pathetic naïve clueless asses and actually try to be a Journalist / Reporter and NOT just some damn talking head !!

Anonymous said...

Del Dunmire bought that shit house of Berdella's and then promptly tore it down....

Bob Hill said...

I don't make it a habit to respond to dickless anonymous people but when he bought the house he announced plans to make it a haunted house and the public outrage led him to tear it down in a face saving measure. Psychopaths run rampant in KC and Dunmire was one of them.