Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hickman Mills Community Blog Corrects Dead Tree Media Amid School District Crisis

Here's an important fact check perspective on the recent hot mess in Hickman Mills from insiders and neighborhood leaders: Good News, Bad News in Hickman Mills

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Anonymous said...

Lou Austin's comments after the skcablog are enlightening. So why is the district spending millions on new Administrative offices, including a private bathroom for the superintendent, new boardroom, lots of the superintendent's pet projects, when the district doesn't have the "flow of cash" suggested? But I do think Lou had yard signs on Bannister promoting the bond (tax) to waste it on these kinds of projects. Getting the district up to Missouri standards should be the first priority not catering to the superintendent's ego and spending millions on all his personal, pet, unneeded projects. WHAT A WASTE!. Until the board wakes up and stops believing every cockamamie idea that comes out of Carpenter's mouth the students will not meet Missouri standards and the district will continue to be the laughing stock of the metropolitan area and state. AND, no an alternative accreditation is not acceptable - if you can't live up to Missouri and the other districts around why waste more money on this alternative - private - form of accreditation. Hickman Mills as an area needs someone to have a voice on the school board and at City Hall.