Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Heroin And Oxy Hit Johnson County Hard

Amid public education decline, fewer economic opportunities and altogether a life of quiet desperation confronting residents . . . The Golden Ghetto now contends with a growing drug problem. Take a look: JOCO district attorney going after opiod dealers

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Anonymous said...

It's hard to get cough syrup because of robo tripping. It's hard to get sudafed because of meth cookers. Kansas City exports hog tranquilizers that make to the streets of the US. Weed is reducing over dosing of oxy's. Now the police are asking for money because they don't know how to curtail drug use after 50 years of neo liberal policy from drug wars and mass incarceration. The City wanted City Union to have a monopoly to feed homeless. Now we find the kitchen is running with rats.