Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Have You Seen Golden Ghetto Couple Suspected Of Pricey TV Stealing???

Police want to talk to this duo about big money televisions gone missing . . . Overland Park Police looking for suspects who stole flat-screen TVs


Anonymous said...

No I haven't fucking seen this bootlip and his mudshark fuck. Why, Tony, have you? Are they your buddies?

Anonymous said...

LOL thats a WalMart they ripped off

Polar Bear said...

Boon and a Mudshark trying to stuff a flatscreen in their baggies. Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

Cell number and license plate on truck Hey cop any other help you need? Moron also!

Anonymous said...

Hate to pick nits, but guess what: all TVs are flat screen. All of them. You don't have to say flat screen TV anymoe, just like you don't have to say horseless carriage anymore, dig? They don't make any other kind. They are neither deluxe nor expensive, unless you buy the monster ones. Pretty hard to shoplift those, though. On the othe hand, another white-van job. We gotta outlaw those white vans.

Anonymous said...

I dont know who the coon or the cunt is but i will say this- back in my younger day ,i had a drug problem and i would make score's like this pretty much every is not hard to do ,if you go about it with the mindset that this is what needs to be done and IM gonna get it done.catch me if you can.

Now, those days are far behind me and i never got caught ,NOT ONCE,thankfully.I will say that one big box store was just as easy as the other ,for made no difference.

WHY am i saying all this ? who gives a fuck? You're saying..IDK why i felt the urge to share that shit,except to maybe burst these two's bubbles just a bit.just a tiny bit of observation tells me that these two jug heads won't
last much longer..too fucking stupid looking + you silly white bitch, IF you think that you will be successful in crime, with an ignorant fucking jig as your lose.

Anonymous said...

Mom? Dad? That you? Can you bring pizza home for dinner?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time you would have never seen trash like this in JoCo. Sadly now it's everywhere you look. People wonder why the trend to move south continues; well, look at that picture and there's your answer. There are tens of thousands of people who are forced out of their homes just to get away from this sort of trash, and it's just not right. Why can't the segment that doesn't belong just stay the heck away? There are plenty of other areas for them and their kind.

Anonymous said...

well sir,and it IS unfortunate in many instance's, like for instance,this one here BUT it IS a free country.

Don't get me wrong. I do not lke having to live an hour& a half from my place of employment,in KCMO BUT after growing up and going to school there. i decided there would be no way in hell i would put my kids through what I went through.

SO, for me it is well worth having 20 acres of land and a house that I built,three counties NE OF Jackson County. My three girl's attended a small school.The teacher's were respectful and expected a lot from the kid's.

The kid's are different in the country.they are respectful,nice and completly different from kid's in the city.

EVERYONE owne's a gun or many one fights and for damn sure,nobody shoots at each other! weird, huh..NO, not really.

Its a different world.its the way things are in most rural areas, and I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING. NO SIR, its worth every goddamn penny and sacrifice we've had to make to finally become comfortable,have been years now.

Just one odf the many perks, I ,nor my wife and kids have NEVER had to deal with DIVERSITY BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR NECKS!! Wouldn't have it any other wayfor my kids. Like i had to deal with ,growing up.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this right. The police have photos of two thieves, their truck license plates, the name of their business and the phone number off the side of the truck and they are "looking" for these suspects? This is the same bunch that worked the Baby Lisa case, right?