Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gwynnie And The Kansas City Links Tonight

Tonight Gwyneth Paltrow at an impressive 44 years-old proves that she can still compete with the younger hotties in a bikini battle and thereby inspires this quick peek at some of the evening news. Take a look:

Kansas City Hotspot Cash Continues
East Patrol to crack down on criminals in Historic Northeast using data, grant money
Kansas City Metro Runaround Today
Manhunt: Man flees police in stolen car, then abandons it and disappears in Blue Springs
Toy Train Hype Report Tonight
City and business leaders say KC Streetcar ridership is spurring new flow of money into downtown area
Latino Voters Unite For Hillary Tonight
Voter registration at new high in Jackson County
Cowtown Cash Kindness
Kansas City man spreads kindness to strangers in form of $100 bills
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

At a time when KCMO has more homicides than in over a decade, why does the PD need to wait for a $700,000 grant to focus on crime in the northeast part of the city?
Oh, that's right.
Nonsense like $250,000 for a Swope Park Arts Festival.
It's really too bad KCMO doesn't have a serious municipal government with some common sense priorities.
The carnival continues!

Anonymous said...

The East patrol is going to fight crime on the North end of town. Getting grant money for that. New cars? Overtime for the select few? How is that fair for the entire department? Unity among the forces or divide? Airing the laundry are we? You get some money, you get some, you guys get bumpkins.

Anonymous said...

Trolley revitalising Downtown? I think not; where are the new merchants, where are the new jobs??

Byron Funkhouser said...

Kudos to Israel Mendez.

Unlike some people, I actually look to Latinos to literally save this country.

Anonymous said...

"has a new tool to help fight crime"
KCPD couldn't find an elephant in a room.

Anonymous said...

Byron we look to you to save the country by putting a revolver in your mouth.