Friday, October 07, 2016

GQ Loves Missouri SecState Jason Kander And His Suits With Skinny Fit Legs!!!

More mainstream media love for this politico who remains Kansas City's favorite son but has now found the spotlight among the national MSM. Take a look: Talking About Guns with the Democrat Who Can Assemble an AR-15 Blindfolded


Anonymous said...

Why didn't GQ ask him what his views on unsolicited bulk email are?

Anonymous said...

Blunt by 7.

Anonymous said...


"And no matter what the subject area is, somebody who spent years misleading me is not somebody I’m going to trust." ---- Kander


Jason Kander was born in Kansas.
Went to high school in Kansas.
Went to college in Washington, D.C.
Married a woman from the former Soviet Union, in Kansas.
Only came to Missouri because his FAR LEFT LIBERAL politics prevented him from holding office in Kansas.
Is a blindfolded enthusiastic follower of Obama and Clinton.

The LIBERAL media loves LYING LIBERAL Kander.
Missouri voters reject this carpetbagging Hillary-loving Liberal.

Anonymous said...

The Lies and Times of Jason Kander

Since he moved into Missouri from Kansas, Kander has been falsely claiming over the years that he's a 5th generation Missourian.
The record shows that he was born in Kansas, directly contradicting his lies.

Since he first ran for office, Kander has attempted to exploit his military service for political gain. Hundreds of times he's told voters that after September 11, 2001 he volunteered for the military. But according to his own wife, he didn't join until Spring/Summer 2005.

"The day after law school graduation in 2005, Diana and Jason packed their belongings into an army-green Jeep and drove back to Kansas City. She took a job at a law firm, and he joined the military and served as an intelligence officer." ---- excerpt from Diana Kander interview

Anonymous said...

Lander is going to cry like a baby when screwball Hilliary takes his assault rifle away. He'll be picking nits out of his ass blindfolded.