Friday, October 14, 2016

Fear Rural Kansas Wasteland Trend

Quick look at the Sunflower State is evolving:

"If current trends continue over the next 50 years, 80 percent of the state's population will be concentrated in a few urban areas, and the rural population could shrink to as little as 700,000 people."

Economists say population changes threaten to make Kansas budget problems worse in future


Anonymous said...

Trying to keep rural Kansas is like trying to keep the local Blockbuster and landline telephone. Technology and efficiency has caused the emptying out of the countryside. It used to be that a 600 acre farm was "good sized". Now a single farmer needs thousands of acres to make a living, and he can do most of the work himself. The old fashioned "farm hand" is a thing of the past. There are no jobs or opportunities in the rural areas, and econinusts don't see that changing. I think the important thing is to realize that the situation is not going to change and to make proper plans for the eventuality of more hollowing out and loss of population and activity in rural Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy and Toto (the Dhimmicrat ticket) can save the Sunflower state!

They'll resettle refugees on massive poppy fields!

Anonymous said...

Kansas is too dumb to see the error in their ways and loss of potential.

First of all, they are determined to give DWIs or drug offenses to every young person in the state, so they all have records. This is a big incentive to leave the state, hence the "brain drain" and labor drain of young people. So many jump over the state line into Missouri for this reason alone.

Second of all, anytime something cultural outside the "normal family values" concept of typical Kansans minds is shut down. Another reason to leave the state.

Third of all, Kansas ignores the real financial potential of legalizing hemp growing in the state. I don't mean weed, I mean an industrial plant that has so much potential, grows like a weed without a bunch of over-watering from the aquifers. It would be a great cash crop for the state.

Speaking of weed, Kansas ignores the cash bonanza Colorado is experiencing, and instead of becoming more aware of the tax potential of legalizing medical or recreational use, is going back to the first point of just busting the crap out of anyone driving through Kansas from Colorado. They'd make more money legalizing & taxing it, but that goes against the norm in Kansas.

How about Sam Brownback and his hypocritical bible-thumping lackeys? There you go, another of the major reasons young people want to leave.