Monday, October 31, 2016


A few year ago there was a mainstream media rumor that the Troost Castle was being redeveloped . . . To be fair, there have been some important cleanup efforts at this site that have offered important improvements . . . But it's still empty . . . And possibly haunted.

Description of the latest video on the topic:

"Visiting this old abandoned Workhouse castle in Kansas city. The castle was made to house petty offenders and was built by their on workforce while using the stone found at the same property."

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Place is pretty cool. Too bad it is in one of the worst neighborhoods in KC. You know what makes the one of the worst neighborhoods? Black people. Of course you knew that. What makes any neighborhood the worst neighborhood the world-over? Black people. They ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Can't the hipsters do something?

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of folks with lots of big ideas and no money.
Surely there's a few million lying around in the KCMO general fund to placate another little group of "entrepreneurs".
How's the Crossroads 18th Street Under the Bridge Festival coming?
How about the $250,000 "arts" event in Swope Park?
Just stick out your open palm and get in line.
It never changes.

Palms up said...

+1 7:24
The guy and his wife were raising money for this castle. It now turns out that they didn't even own it. Further, the guy has been appointed to EDC Board. So, they're priorities shifted. They're in the Social Friends Network of Kansas City. It's more important to defend the establishment than to follow through.

Anonymous said...

I used to box there.

Anonymous said...

7th Heaven needs to get some tax breaks and open that place up as a head shop. Perfect location.

Anonymous said...

That punk kid Daniel is all talk. The only project he has done is remodel his house, and they are in the middle of a lawsuit over that.