Friday, October 21, 2016

Everybody Loves More Library Taxes???

No one dares dispute more cash for old equipment, outdated dead tree media info AND restroom and napping facilities for the homeless. Take a peek: Local libraries push for Proposition L approval


Anonymous said...


Do your research on the Mid-Continent Public Library (MCPL) asking for more tax money.

Examine their budget (spending exceeds their receipts). Poor fiscal management.

Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties each get 4 voting members on the library board, though Jackson County contributes over half of all revenue. NO taxation without fair representation.

On Page 55 of the 2016-2017 proposed budget, MCPL reports that both Library Material Circulation and the Number of Registered Borrowers peaked in the 2011-2012 Fiscal Year. You don't give more money to a declining resource.

The inequitable allocation of library services among communities:
Independence — Population: 117,240 (2013) — MCPL library square footage allocated to Independence? 115,839 square feet
Lee’s Summit — Population: 93,184 (2013) — MCPL library square footage allocated to Lee’s Summit? 32,704 square feet
Would you be surprised to learn that Library Director Steven Potter is an Independence native? That Joycelyn Tucker Burgo, Jackson County Board Representative, is the former Treasurer for the City of Independence? That Brent Schondelmeyer, Jackson County Board Representative, is an Independence resident? That John W. Laney, Jackson County Board Representative, is a Lake Tapawingo, Blue Springs MO resident?

Extravagant, wasteful spending on capital building projects. In 2008, the 52,000-square-foot, $10M, Midwest Genealogy Center was built in Independence, Missouri. It is the largest stand-alone public genealogy research facility in America. This at a time when most genealogical research is done online today!
The 35,000 sq.ft., $13M, Woodneath branch in Clay County (just west of Liberty), opened in 2013, is a Taj Mahal in comparison to any other MCPL branch. Dick Wilding, former Director of Libraries and a Liberty, MO resident, forced this through with the cooperation of his assistant, now Library Director Potter.

Look, as there’s lots more.

No more taxes for MCPL until they've been audited and new leadership installed.

Anonymous said...

kind of defies common sense.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Fuck people! Its a fucking book already.

Anonymous said...

That guy compares square footage to population, and doesn't seem to think it might make a difference that Independence is like 100 years older than Lee's Summit, thus more libraries.