Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dead Tree Media Mistakenly Believes Mayor Sly & Exec Frank White Are Beloved

Once again a bored denizen of Kansas City politics mistakes 7% voter turnout with a mandate . . . Here's a think piece that most of Kansas City skipped: Frank White, Sly James and the perils of rookie politicians


Anonymous said...

Everyone loves Frank White Because they love baseball. Everyone hates Sly James because they hate ex cops.

Anonymous said...

So let's all have a big group hug and then get rid of losers like this and find some competent people to handle the city's and county's affairs.
Residents in KCMO act like a bunch of middle schoolers choosing who's the most popular in a little social club.
If most of the local electeds were working for an organization that actually held people accountable for results, they'd all be shown the door.
Laughingstocks all!

Anonymous said...

Be informed of who they are


theEditor said...

Perils of rookie politicians... both being rookies and both equally disastrous. This is the worst run town in America and Jackson County Jail is now known as the rape capital of Missouri. I don't believe either of them has room to talk about this subject; or at the very least any credibility on the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

This mild article from Star survivor Dave Helling is about as outraged as you'll ever see him, and he treads ever so meekly when discussing the ineptitude of White and James.

Frank White was of course an outstanding athlete, and remains an affable person, but has no business holding the position of Jackson County Executive. Likewise, Sylvester James was an adequate plaintiff's attorney, suing on behalf of clients, but had no background suggesting an aptitude for city leadership.

Contrast the above, to one of last week's guests on KCPT's Ruckus, namely Overland Park's longtime Mayor and current Johnson County Commission Chair Ed Eilert. His career was in financial management, something rather apropos for adeptly leading a municipality.

Outside the long-term dysfunction which is KCMO, and the recent turmoil with Jackson County leadership, you'll typically find cities well managed by fiscal conservatives and representatives reflective of their population.

Anonymous said...

Look closely at the photo. It says it all. Closer. Now you see.

Anonymous said...

Sly and Frank are KC's answer to Amos and Andy.

Anonymous said...

Helling has always been a PR flack for City Hall and everything dirty and false that the establishment consultants put out. He calls it "clean" and gives it his puff piece blessing. The Star for Sly is like Pravda for Putin.