Friday, October 14, 2016

Daniela And The Kansas City Friday Look

22-year-old hottie Daniela Lopez Osorio offers a bit of wisdom in this somewhat recent profile quote . . . She said: ‘I don’t eat for me — I eat for my butt’ and that seems like the perfect attitude for Friday.

Accordingly, here are more than a few local links worth a peek:

Cowtown Slice Of Life
Food Critics: The Best Pizza In Kansas City In 2016
Hateration Alleged in Sunflower State
Kansas militia members charged in alleged bomb plot targeting Somali immigrants
GOP Ignores Kansas City
Sly James holds municipal summit with statewide candidates - but no Republicans show
Golden Ghetto Building Boom Debate
Should Johnson County Renovate Or Replace Its Aging Courthouse? Voters Will Decide
Quinton Lucas And His Mayoral Campaign
KC City Council seeks more detailed policy for special taxing districts
Kansas City Teaching Moment
Closing the Opportunity Gap at University Academy
Kansas City Arty Collabo
Fathomers‎ Fun Problems w/ Smart People: A Book Opening
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Many , many HOMO Pozers will be there ¡ YAEL following the below the but crack jail bait butts Boyz all night long fisting as he goes !

Anonymous said...

When did Sly get interested in municipal government?
His track record consists of schmoozing with the Chamber swells, subsidizing any "developer" with a pulse, making grandiose statements about issues over which he has no influence whatsoever, spending hundreds of millions on legacy trendy projects, cutting ribbons and making empty promises without and real measurable results, enjoying the perks of office with games in owners' boxes with expensive Scotch and cigars, and relentlessly working to enhance his image and chances of landing a gig in what he hopes will be a Clinton administration.
Why would ANY serious elected official actually interested in providing leadership at the municipal level be interested in attending?
Regardless of party.
Disneyland on the plains.

Anonymous said...

Did YOU say expensive Scotch AND cigar ? Big ass SLYSTER will be the same as last year , hanging out at the shit out hole Diebels on the Plaza , trying to get some more FREE Shit , MAYBE trolling for white women who drunk with his self grandiose power and miniscule dick ¡ ¡ ????

Anonymous said...

SLYSTER staggered OUT with something like a White thing last night from the shit hole Diebels !!¡!!

Anonymous said...


Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
May the angels watch me through the night,
and keep my booty nice and tight!!!

(TKC's trying to hurt me with Daniela Lopez Osorio!)

Anonymous said...

Come on. Be honest. Look at that photo and tell me Sly doesn't look like he is part Orangutan.