Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Considering Kansas City Luxury Hotel Blight

A picture is worth a thousand words and these images reveal that tragic priorities from City Hall denizens using tools intended to fight blight in order to garner corporate welfare. Take a look: Blight defined


Anonymous said...

So I get my business plan together and I open up a hotel for fat cats. Then I discover I am a lousy business man and I am not living the life of luxury. So rather than learn from my mistakes and make changes that would be profitable I go to the city and ask that the tax payers pay the bill so I can be guaranteed to make money at their expense. The city then approves it. Note this is the same libtard run city whose leaders call Trump a crook for claiming his legal tax deductions. As always, if the libtards want it then it is perfectly fine, but if anyone else wants it they are fucking low lifes and crooks. When are the peckerwoods in this town going to start voting? You guys must love this shit.

Phil Cardarella said...

While I understand that ignorance is occasionally blissful, I thought I might interject a small fact:

The Intercontinental will receive ZERO of YOUR tax dollars unless you spend a night or buy a drink AT THAT HOTEL! A CID is NOT a giveaway of ANY tax dollars. It is essentially a private additional tax only on their customers. DUH!

And, under the law, what constitutes "blight" for a luxury hotel IS different from what you might first picture.

FYI? The Council required that 5% of the money be paid into the City fund to aid in repairing low-income housing -- Something that the NENews & others sorta skip over.

Anonymous said...

Just because it is another excise tax paid by use (and of course the city wets their beak with 5 percent) doesn't make it not a tax.