Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Columnist Mary Sanchez Seeks Understanding Amid Kansas City Murder Spree 2016

Possibly the worst thing written about the deadly spate of recent crime. Checkit: Senseless violence in KC raises the question: How deep is the hurt?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the worst Mary Sanchez oped ever. She's moved past her normal stupidity into the realm of the delusional.

Anonymous said...

She is learning more everyday to write like those losers over at KCC. But have to admit, Hearne did pen a good story on Johnny Dare. But that fucking Wilson couldn't write his own name holding his dick while pissing in a snow bank. And then there is Glazer, jeez no need to say anymore on that terrible subject.

Anonymous said...

Nobody tops you for stupid, Tony. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ Or you stupid

Anonymous said...

I gather Mary hasn't heard of Typical Negro Behavior, which is what this all is.

Can anyone provide a description of any goods, services or scientific advances which Africans-in-America provide that balance out all the havoc they inflict, the cities they have trashed, the space programs which will never see the light of the stars?

Imagine cities like Detroit, or KC, being restored to their (White) glory. Imagine all the moneys wasted on "Black Studies" being devoted to bio-engineering and nano-technology. Imagine Martin Luther King Blvd being renamed Bull Conner Way and the streets magically going right.
Look at the alternatives for Africans-in-America:
1: Live in a black majority republic -- a fate worse than death, both figuratively and literally (see Liberia, Haiti, etc.).
2: Live among White people and gain all the usual welfare programs, AA degrees, DWL groveling, etc.
3: Nothing else in the real world.

But now White people appear to be waking up. We see the first stirrings of this with the Internet Insurgency of race realists, and perhaps the Trump campaign. Africans-in-America are sensing that option "2" is becoming less feasible. The best they can come up with is "return to slavery." But as many posters here have noted, no sane White person wants to have blacks in close proximity.

The result? Africans-in-America throw their usual tantrums to make themselves the center of attention. It's the perpetual ritual of the modern day savage who can only destroy but never build.

Anonymous said...

Snatcheeze is again half full of shit. First, the overwhelming majority of homicides and violent assaults are about people who know each other and often drugs or alcohol are a factor. Many are domestic oriented.

Then you have thugs and all you have to do is look at how the perpetrators are handled to get that violence gets a pass in these parts. When it involves bureaucrats it is often swept under the carpet. All it takes to significantly reduce this bullshit is accountability affixed to the individual with swift and decisive action that makes the price of the unacceptable behaviour too high. Even John Augustus would have to admit that trying to understand factors related to violent behaviour need to be placed on the back burner until violence is brought under control. We already have folks in positions to deal with it. We just need these lazy ass peckerwoods and bureaucrats to establish accountability and stop handing out get out of jail free cards. If they want to be fucking social workers they are in the wrong place.

Anonymous said...

Mary Sanchez, the government-paid propaganda agent masquerading as a journalist, assigned to The Kansas City Star, offers up this "heinously opportunistic" Liberal babble which struggles to get started and never completes a valid point.

In the title, she asks the question --- "How deep is the hurt?" --- yet flounders about, listing a few recent crimes without addressing any pertinent issues.

Because most corporate media types are political devotees of the Democratic Party, they have a great tendency to extol societal ills such as violent crime, as being equally committed by all citizens. This of course is rubbish and attempts to lay blame at the feet of a great many law-abiding residents. These Liberal propagandists can't bear to cite actual statistics maintained by law enforcement, which can shine a spotlight on who is actually committing these "random acts of violence in Kansas City."

From the publicly-available records of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. Yes, Ms. Sanchez, you could have easily looked here.

Population (2015 est.) = 472,800 Racial percentages = White 59; Black 29; Hispanic 10; Other 2
Leadership = Mayor Sylvester James, Black male, Democrat, attorney
2015 KCMO homicides = 109; 51 cleared by KCPD
Top 3 homicide motives = 50 unknown, 30 argument, 15 domestic violence
Top Victim Age Group = 44 in age 17 to 24
Top Suspect Age Group = 44 unknown; 38 in age 17 to 24
Top Means of Attack = 80 Firearm/Handgun; 7 Knife (Note: there were 0 Firearm/Shotgun; and 5 Firearm/Rifle)
Top Police Division For Homicides = 46 in East Patrol
Top Homicide Victim Race/Sex = 69 Black Male; 13 White Male
Top Homicide Suspect Race/Sex = 45 Unknown; 44 Black Male; 15 White Male

see crime statistics here:

Anonymous said...

The reader will please note the overwhelming statistical association between KCMO homicides, both victim and suspect, and the following demographic attributes:
Black males between the ages 17 to 24
The area bounded by the East Patrol Division

KCMO homicide suspects are NOT primarily associated with residents aged 0 to 16, those aged 45 and over, Asians, White females, and Hispanics. Let's leave these groups alone. The top 4 homicide suspect groups by percentage are Unknown (38%); Black Males (37%); White Males (13%); Black Females (8%). Does everyone understand where the problem is? Speak the truth and cite the facts.

In the last Presidential election year (2012), KCMO voted in the following manner:

One can't help but notice that in KCMO, Mayor James, Prosecuting Attorney Baker, U.S. Congressman Cleaver, and KCPD Chief Forte are all Democrats who can't see the obvious demographic links present between KCMO homicides and Black males between the ages of 17 to 24 on KC's East-side. Now, of course, this failure to publicly acknowledge the root of the problem only compounds the tragedy, for the truth must be acknowledged before the problem can be successfully addressed and solved. A current analogy perhaps? Suppose that the scientific evidence demonstrates an overwhelming link between the Zika virus and transmission to humans via mosquitoes. If you refuse to acknowledge that mosquitoes are the transmitters of the virus to humans, how does the problem get solved? Do you maliciously blame all insects for the outbreak despite the evidence not supporting your faulty logic? Do you actually publicly call for the restriction and/or elimination of all insects because your politics prevent you from understanding the science underlying the issue? If so, you might be a Democrat.

I thank the reader, and ask that intelligent people speak up and hold public officials accountable for incompetence.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"Mary Sanchez, the government-paid propaganda agent masquerading as a journalist,"

It doesn't matter how many words you use, when you say ignorant shit like this, you're an ignorant shit.

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Byron, did you read beyond that? He points out some similarities that cannot be denied.

Anonymous said...

Granted Byron is a Hilary supporter and dropped out of the conversation when it became close that Bernie had the popular vote to win the 2016 presidential election. Byron remains silent on the fact that millions of young girls are horrified that old white men really do want to grab their pussies and are told this is they sacrifice young girls need to make because these same old white men are protecting them from Terrorism in the Middle East. Keep in mind that young girls die when grown mean grab their pussies and rape them. Now, Mary Sanchez warns the "Super Predator" there is pain to the consequences of robbery and violent assault committed in white neighborhoods. And we know that Mary Sanchez is a religious zealot who has not spoken out about Donald Trump ripping the fetus from a womb in a 9 month term of pregnancy but goes after teenage males her candidate describes as "super predators". In the town of Kansas City that invented "Redlining Neighborhoods" and "The School To Prison Pipeline".

Anonymous said...

12:58 Funkyhouse comment

If my message sounds like "ignorant shit" to you, perhaps you're not equipped intellectually to discern truth.

Did you ever wonder how in the world Mary Sanchez became a syndicated columnist when she was never one of the better writers at the small-market Kansas City Star?

Some people see the oddities in life and seek answers to these mysteries. Funkyhouse accepts the bullshit force-fed to him by the media and never questions their intentions.

Free Kansas said...

Why is she protecting the criminals? If they are green, say that. If they are black, say that. Just the facts, Ma'am. It was called Journalism.