Thursday, October 27, 2016

Citizen Task Force Against Crime Stays Losing Confidence Among Kansas City Residents

A year-long running joke turns tragic amid this year's skyrocketing murder rate . . . Here's a glimpse at a great deal of wasted time: Do KCMO anti-crime task force recommendations go far enough?


Anonymous said...

What a surprise!
All bureaucratic gobbledegook and moving deck chairs around on the Titanic and not a single word about addressing the REAL SOURCE of the crime problem.
KCMO already has, and has had for many years, elected and appointed officials and employees whose jobs it is to effectively do almost all of the recommendations of this pointless group.
You mean that no one actually monitors how many "anti-crime" groups there are, how much money they get from where, or whether or not they're the least bit effective?
Just go down the list and what you find is more tax money spent, more make-work jobs for insiders and "activists", and yet MORE funding for some harebrained nonprofits.
Working to solve a problem is not likely when you're too cowardly to even address it.
Another empty superficial scam.
And a real shame.

Anonymous said...

"Make KCMO KILLA' CITY Again!"

-----Jolie Justus

Anonymous said...

Jolie Justus and Alissia Canady have lost their minds. If the community doesn't stand up and call bullshit now these two will kill this city. Sly James appointed them to this charade to do just what they did, come up with bullshit points. Does anyone in that fucking building understand that criminals don't give a shit about what those three assholes think? Bolton was right, this isn't going to save shit. In mid town I go days without seeing a police car, unless I'm on Main or Broadway. We need more cops!!!!! We are nearing a hundred homicides and my neighborhood is not safe. I am so damn pissed off. We need community groups to help us, our council certainly has decided not to.

Anonymous said...

You have domestic relates violence which requires an education that blacks just refuse to get and then you have thugs that whites are too dam scared to do anything about. If you want to reduce violence you first force blacks to get an education and then you incarcerate thugs in ways that significantly reduce the benefits of their actions. When you affix accountability the bullshit will stop. What is so fucking hard about this?

Hyperblogal said...

The Mayor and some of the Council are dead set on local control of the Police Department. Playing politics using the Police budget is a dangerous proposition that affects the safety of everyone in the City. A committee never arrested anyone. Particularly a committee without any police participation.

Super Dave said...

recommendations don't go far enough

I mean really, just what did you all think was really going to happen from this so called Task Force?

Anonymous said...

Heard the dick head president of the Westport association on the radio today SAID THAT THE SHOOTINGS THERE ARE ISOLATED INCIDENT , SAME THING AS HAPPENING IN THE BURBS , What a total douchbag !

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in Kansas City. It's done.

Anonymous said...

The understatement of the year.