Friday, October 07, 2016

CharMac And The Kansas City Link Pool

Charlotte McKinney always seems to be making news with her hot body and right now she has inspired this FIRST FRIDAY link look:

Kansas City Return Trip
Stolen vintage car recovered thanks to social media
Northeast Kansas City Robbery
Vehicle stolen in Friday morning armed robbery
Today's Metro Runaround
Police pursue suspect for about five miles from Raytown to Kansas City
Dead Tree Media Late To Tragic Kansas City Homicide Trend
Ugly murder rate is perennial problem that tears at the fabric of Kansas City
Kansas City Confrontation
Police standoff underway near 8500 block of Wilson Road after car stolen
Golden Ghetto Gun Play Aftermath
Guilty plea for man accused of heading to Johnson County theater with guns
EPIC Doggie Adoption Event
Three Kansas City shelters work together for three days to find homes for 500 homeless pets
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

"Kansas City's image as a violent place to live has long damaged its reputation with local residents - including those who move to the suburbs to try to escape crime - and with people from the outside looking at this region as a place to live and work."

Just a few short years ago, all KC Star could promote was the building of new police stations in all it's controversy and unnecessary political agenda. Now, with all that, they now claim people living in the suburbs still don't feel safe. I wish this paper could make up its mind. It can't be on both sides of the argument... or I guess it can, It's The Star, they can dream up pretty much anything and the vast majority of the public won't question it.

Thanks Sheeple!

I'm waiting with baited breath for their next issue...NOT!

Anonymous said...


Charlotte was sent to the corner for being a very good naughty girl!!!

Anonymous said...

fuck that dog and fuck you too

Super Dave said...

I was just recently out of town and couldn't believe the difference in how people acted and even drove on the streets than compared to what goes on around here every day. I was around some really nice people and a good number of them would be I am sure minimum wage employees and was treated with respect and a lot of smiles. Amazing how life can change just 180 miles away.

Byron Funkhouser said...

So, you're admitting that your local culture, that you helped create as a member, is fucked up?

"Minimum wage employees" treated with respect?

Why do you need to say that?

All people should be treated with respect, especially, regardless of their wealth.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Only thing blind about you is your brain asshole. Now go back and read what he said.

Anonymous said...

Byron, I believe he was saying that in the place he visited people were more polite especially to those who worked in the service industry.

Kansas City is a mean town. This is Killa City. Home of Million Dollar Hallbrook spreads and tumbledown shacks along Garfield Ave. It has always been a city of the haves and the have nots.

And unlike other places the have-nots don't seem to have the same level of comfort and community you'll find in other places. A poor white person in WV or a poor black person in AL makes less money but probably has a higher quality of life and happiness level than a person who lives as a have-not in Killa City.

Super Dave said...

To clear things up a bit I meant "all" people seemed polite and happier. Yes this was a more rural type setting in a town of about 10k I was told. People I didn't even know were inquiring how I was doing checking if everything was going good and how they could help me more with my quest I was on. But the point is lower wages is very real in these type towns and is accepted as a way of life. I didn't see signs or protesters screaming for $15 dollars per hour. I didn't see disrespect on their roads like I do around here. I don't do fast food so I have no idea if they get orders right or not but the mom and pop type places I was referred to eat at were all good, great prices and waitstaff, who knew, who was doing who a favor by being there. It also appears they like the Trump in that town and the Hillary is more or less a bad name you don't say or mention.

Anonymous said...

well DAMN Dave,its harder than hell to be able to translate what you write down ,into something even remotely understandable to the best of ear's.

I sure hope you are able to express yourself with spoken words,better than the way you come across with written word..

I mean FUUUUUCK ,MAN..You honestly come across as senile.or at the very least,a multiple stroke victim. you mean to tell me you don't have family/friends,who care enough about you enough to come out and say it,just say it "Dave ol'boy,its time to hang up ur are embarrassing yourself ,as well as US.Nothing personal,Dave but fork over all electronic devises"

Kind of like an Intervention,for your own good , know ,nothing personal..just like your car key's here shortly,as well.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:19 I mean FUUUUUCK ,MAN..You're honestly are one sick bastard.

Anonymous said...