Saturday, October 08, 2016

Celebrate South Kansas City Renaissance???

Here's an entire community hoping that they'll be saved by Cerner and not understanding how hard it is to get commuters to spend their cash. Checkit: Economic Development Driving Turnaround In South Kansas City


Anonymous said...

Let's be perfectly clear, and remind readers that the Burns and McDonnell expansion was made possible only when Mayor James and the Council arranged for taxpayers to foot most of the bill for the new headquarters.

Yes, it's true, KCMO (via taxpayers) essentially built Burns and McDonnell their new headquarters, and then entered into a lease agreement with the wealthy private company. All this, after CEO Greg Graves had publicly stated that under no circumstances would they leave KCMO for incentives elsewhere.

Please review the very large campaign donations which flowed from Burns and McDonnell to Mayor James prior to the granting of blight designation for the construction site, and KCMO essentially financing the new building. Also, recall that only approximately 12 percent of Burns and McDonnell employees are KC residents.

Anonymous said...

Regardless what is built there (retail, restaurants, etc.), it's gonna take more than Cerner employees to make it fly, and yet the coloreds that live in the neighborhood are the very types that will run business and decent shoppers away.