Saturday, October 01, 2016

Celebrate The KCK Barnyard House

Post-modern architecture profile worth a peek for those brave souls attempting to gentrify the nice parts of the Dotte. Take a look: Kansas home by Studio 804 stands out for its barn shape, energy efficiency


Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to live in KCK? It's a hellhole with outrageously high property taxes.

Dayton said...

This house was built in what 2008... it's rite down the street from sun fresh, literally 500 ft away... u got Mexicans fixing up houses left n rite over there but this hip house is just an exercise in false coolness

Anonymous said...

what a dump.

Tracy Thomas said...

Why doesn't the paper or Tony publish the address??

Is there only one SunFresh in the Dot? Where is THAT??

Geez, people, news requires who, what, when and WHERE!