Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrate Kansas City Anti-Nuke Vandal Priest

Oblate Fr. Carl Kabat, 82, was detained by security guards before being arrested. He was charged with two ordinance violations, trespassing and knowingly doing damage. His weapon of choice is red paint and he recently tried for his actions against the Honeywell Plant . . . Read more about this local activist his latest slap on the wrist: Anti-nuke priest still is spreading the word - and red paint

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Anonymous said...


Yep, Obama and Russia's Medvedev signed in 2010 to do away with nuke stockpiles and curb production. Greenpeace and a host of climate preservationists call for ceased production of nukes.

Uh, will DiCaprio and other rich environmental activists get those clean energies going, you know, while jetting all over and having several yuuuuge homes?