Saturday, October 01, 2016


One of the greatest athletes in American history expresses concern about long-term sports injury fear . . . Bo Jackson says he may have stuck to baseball had he known of concussion dangers
TKC Note . . .

Never forget that in the midst of an incredible athletic achievement, local sports talker dweebs and dimwit Kansas City fans derided Bo Jackson and talked an EPIC amount of trash as he proved to be one of the most trendsetting sportsmen of the 20th Century.


Anonymous said...


Easily the most overrated athlete of the century.

Mike G. said...

He broke ground. He did something nobody else did until AFTER him.

Anonymous said...

several had the opportunity,the talent AND offer's to do it well before BO.

Research it a bit,dude..

They were smart enough not to try it..BO broke ground ,as for being a greedy, dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

He ended up being a great big nothing.
Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
And niggers don't get concussions. Head is too hard. Not enough brain to get scrambled.