Friday, September 23, 2016

Witness Kansas City LGBT Artsy Student Outrage And Documenting Invisible Victims

Don't want to spoil the punchline here but this is actually a poignant Kansas City student movie about protest, equality, identity and media images.

Take a look:

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

What about the victimized horse that got slapped by the tranny?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ An extra apple? It's fine.

Anonymous said...

Very clever video!!

Oftentimes you can present a powerful message by simple mimicry of your subject. Here's what I especially enjoyed:

The overt "victim" label.
The facial piercings to draw attention to one's self.
The Starbucks cup representing blind conformity.
The exaggerated, you know what I mean?
The literal cry for help, standing on a street corner begging to be noticed.

I give this social commentary 2 thumbs up for it's biting response to all of the self-described "victims" in our society. Now, let's go shop on the Plaza and hangout at Starbucks!!

Anonymous said...

Fake lesbians.

Anonymous said...

I guess queers like it.

Anonymous said...

The behavior of all humans must pass the tests of the white christian conservative heterosexual male.

Because they regard themselves as normal & everyone else as flawed.

Anonymous said...

A) WTF?!
B) Get a bra.
C) WTF?!