Thursday, September 22, 2016

Will New Nelson-Atkins Completely Ruin Beloved Kansas City Art Museum???

The shuttlecocks are a nice running gag (heh) . . . However, in the age of the Internets, the Bloch building has earned consistently bad reviews from everybody who wasn't cashing an art gallery check. Now, new plans are being pushed forward that could further deface what was once a symbol of Kansas City's deep cultural roots. Take a peek: As Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Eyes Expansion, Here's How It Compares To Its Peers


Anonymous said...

Oh well if JERRY SALTZ says it stinks, it is accepted without question as immortal fact, huh.

Jesus Christ on a stick, Tony.

Anonymous said...

Whats with all this peer shit what is this junior high school or something?

Grow the fuck up KC!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the sign immediately inside the door to the left. Tells you who came up with the idea of building a Butler Building out of glass. I bet the new addition will have several plaques with the new "man in charge" name blazing out what a glorious addition he and his addition are.

Anonymous said...

sorry, we like it.

and, kc is lucky to have loyal donors given our smaller size.

we think of it this way: if the museum can get funding for expansion, it's private money being converted to the commonweal and it makes our city more interesting, notwithstanding aesthetic criticisms that are a matter of taste.

Anonymous said...

The arts, zoos, museums and sports teams should all be funded by wealthy donors or owners. Unfortunately the wealthy figured out that taxpayers will vote for some of these so the poor and middle class end up taxed instead. The Nelson is a fine addition to our city and has been funded the correct way. Contrast that with the boondoggle Union Station/Science City and the parasite sports teams.

Anonymous said...