Friday, September 23, 2016


Dead Tree media is running another rigged poll with very little opportunity for honest feedback . . . The story line from City Hall is that this cash is going to a desperately needed new animal shelter AND fixing infrastructure . . . While people love doggies, very few people are willing to trust 12th & Oak promises after decades of deferred maintenance. You decide: Monday Poll: Early questions about Kansas City's $800 million bond plan


Anonymous said...

An unemployed blogger with no skills bitching about the earnings tax.


Papa Legba said...

7:05 ad hominem: got a real argument?

Anonymous said...

The engineering firms, construction companies, contractors, trade unions, asphalt and concrete companies, consultants, assorted hangers-on and everyone else who has an opportunity to stick a snout in the trough will vote big time for this.
And, since no one else in KCMO ever has the interest or time to actually vote, it will pass.
And the projects will be chosen based on friendships, campaign contributions, and insider deals instead of any serious planning or setting appropriate priorities.
And the projects will be poorly planned and supervised and provided oversight even worse.
In other words,
A city that works.
Just not for you.

Anonymous said...

Earnings tax??? 7:05, are you too busy to read or too stupid to comprehend?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, KCMO residents supported their city via property taxes, sales taxes, license fees, etc.

But KCMO municipal government grew progressively more inefficient and corrupt, failing to follow sound business practices, while city officials sought to enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers.

The 1 percent earnings tax was initiated in 1963. How did KCMO function prior to that? Now, city officials will tell you that the earnings tax funds police, fire, courts, roads, and trash pickup. As we recently witnessed with the latest vote, city officials promised Armageddon if the earnings tax was not renewed. This is because city government has grown even more inefficient and corrupt.

In 2002, the Public Safety Sales Tax was implemented. What was once covered by the general fund, and then at least in part by the earnings tax, now required it's own separate dedicated tax.

This is the clear trend in KCMO. All the things that once were covered by the general fund, will now require a separate dedicated tax, only you'll continue to pay all the original taxes in addition to the all the dedicated taxes.

Simple example:
You once paid $100.00 and this went to support all of the city's operations. Then you were asked to pay an extra $10.00 as an "earnings tax." And then you were assessed an extra $5.00 for "public safety." And then trash pickup wasn't covered any longer. And then your water/sewer bills skyrocketed because the city had been diverting funds to special pet projects. And then you got hit with a special ToyTrain tax, even though you didn't want it, and don't use it. And then the schools, libraries, and mental health ask you for more money because the city continues to cheat them by cutting crony deals with developers in exchange for campaign contributions. Pretty soon, your once $100.00 tax bill will be up to $150 or $200, and conditions aren't any better.

Get out of KCMO.

Anonymous said...

8:36 gets it. Per usual I will vote no but White people loved to be taxed repeatedly for the same service. Apparently, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is much more important.

Anonymous said...

KCMO welcome to KCK. In both cities where a few inches of rain results in bringing home and business owners to their knees. Let's ensure that imported pets from other states have the best the slaves can buy.

Third world cities for humans, first rate accommodations for imported animals.

Motto for KCMO and KCK city halls; Let them eat cake and don't party with the peasants.

Anonymous said...

I can't recall how many times I've been taxed increase for infrastructure in my 50 years of living here, and the infrastructure hasn't been fixed yet.
Now, if I vote NO, then I undoubtedly hate animals and don't want to see KCPetProject succeed. What a crafty heartless bunch the politicos at City Hall are. I will continue to contribute to KCPetProject on their web site only, and vote NO on this tax.
These issues need to be separated.