Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Like or not, our TKC Blog Community RESPECTS ACTION OVER WORDS even if we might slightly disagree on the issues.

While Mayor Sly James hides from tough questions in an abused women's shelter and some lady from across the state sits down rather than honor the nation and constitution she swore to uphold . . . Kansas City's most promising elected official STANDS UP FOR HIS RIGHTS and by demonstrating his opposition in the real world.

To wit and as the gun bill veto is overridden in the Missouri Senate tonight  . . .


Take a look @ his most recent social media post . . .

The statement . . .

Missouri Rep. Brandon Ellington: "Today the State Legislature is set to make Missouri as safe as the Old Wild Wild West.. since Monday I've been walking though out the Capitol openly displaying my fire arm in an attempt to visibly show my colleagues how crazy this legislation is. I don't think they're getting the message."

While we may not agree with opposition to the bill, we RESPECT real world lessons in guns rights not just in theory but practice. And holding legislators for the same practices and policies they pass should not be a controversial stance despite the fact that Missouri media has kept this display on the topic of gun rights silent.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

More interesting fact, Koster would not have opposed this bill.

the democrats are showing they are not in line with the rest of the state. This will cost them come election time.

Anonymous said...

Hey TKC, how about this idiot Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, who refuse to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance because she supports the idiot 49er's player.

Once again another Missouri legislator has to become the center point of a story that is predicated on a false narrative by the BLM folks

Shameful on her part!

Anonymous said...

Cleared the senate tonight with just a little resistance. The House will push it forward no problem.

Anonymous said...

Nasheed should be recalled. She is no helping her constituents, only herself.

Anonymous said...

Wow a negro with a gun? No wonder nobody reacted.

Anonymous said...

Another pack of Negros out to widen and prosper from the racial divide while doing absolutely nothing for black folks.

Greedo said...

Ellington is one of the few who understand the Bill. Too bad he has to explain it to most others in Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Governor Nixon's veto was just overridden on SB 656.

Anonymous said...

the backdrop of citizens having to take measures to protect themselves is the failure of leadership to come up with common sense steps to decrease violence.

the mayors could have headed this off but they didn't for cynical political motivations.

Anonymous said...

State Representative Brandon Ellington is a great example of an educated black man. And Representative Nasheed is a great example of a black woman. Until people see that blacks helped nuture this world by our ancestors raising black and white cultures and our grandmother's even breastfeeding various cultures as well as our black men ancestors building the country. Everyone need to be treated as equals. Then the world will be a great place to live. Listen to the national anthem, especially the third verus. It does not represent the black culture. Please lets all be treated as one,not like the white culture is better then all cultures.

Anonymous said...

^^^ tough but fair comment!

Crazy Clown said...

The Black Population would just love to dis arm everybody so they can go around committing more crimes and get by with it, is exactly what it boils down to

The Degenerate pathetic disgusting Communist Liberal Lib'Tards don't want anybody to be able to Defend themselves, other than with cotton Candy !!!

This would open the door for them to be able to continue with their Violent Crime waves they intend on committing on behalf of Communist O'bama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch's Communist Terrorist Agenda & Saul Alinsky's Radial Violent Crime Wave the intend ,,,,

Tho they will Never ever admit to any of this, its part of their secret Communist Agenda , as were all seeing nationwide !

O'bama to let out over 70,000 "supposed" non - violent felons from federal prisons "Supposed Non-Violent" ????

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Doesn't matter what Race, creed, color or walk of life your from, O'bama has secretly declared WAR on ALL Americans of every color, race & creed or he would be doing what he's doing = FACT !!!

Who in their right mind would be Stupid & ignorant enough to do this to their own county, the citizens of the country, when their having a hard enough time as it is ,,,,,,,,

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Wake Up, your being Sold down the drain faster than water, by somebody who is playing YOU for a down right fool

His name is O'bama and Degenerate Pathetic KCMO Mayor Sly James has his nose planted right up O'bamas butt cheeks too, as were all seeing & witnessing ,,, selling out his own in his community ,,,,

Obama & Sly James should all be Arrested and sent to prison for their crimes lies deceit and bullshit,,,,

that how Communist Terrorists work tho, like a Snake Oil Salesman attempting to sell you "Medicine" - when its really nothing more than "HORSE PISS" !!!

Anonymous said...

The override passed both the house and senate and becomes law in 30 days.

Finally the REAL victims in Missouri, the ones who work, obey the law and pay taxes, will have the rights they should have had anyway.

PS: Sly and his libtard cronies may now kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...


This is a day of celebration for white humans in Missouri. We are free to defend our way of life.

We can stop the Negro scourage starting RIGHT NOW. TONIGHT!!!

Any negro giving a human trouble is in for a big deadly surprise.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have no culture, smaller brains and a tendency to violence. Don't ever post your racial harmony bullshit here ever again.

This site is for whites.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous thing to an uneducated, poor, white male is himself. The next most dangerous thing is another white male.

As access to guns increases, white males use those guns to kill themselves in suicides. There's many more suicides each year than homicides. White males are way over represented in suicide stats.

Bob said...

7:06 - Are you in favor of assisted suicide but opposed to unassisted suicide? Or do you oppose both?

Regardless, the fact that some people kill themselves with a gun has nothing to do with other peoples' desire to not be killed.

Anonymous said...

If a person decides they want to kill themselves they will find a means to do it if they really want to make it happen. Guns just get all the attention. Women prefer to poison themselves more than any other form when committing suicide. I'd rather see a person go sit in a chair and blow their brains out as to seeing them trying to jump off a building and maybe land on an innocent person.