Friday, September 23, 2016


More word on this controversy that continues to resonate on social media today . . .

Statement on the Donald Ebert controversy by Ida B. Wells Coalition:


Mr. Ebert’s appalling language cheering on the death of an Terence Crutcher, an innocent human being gunned down in Tulsa, OK by those who only saw a “bad dude” when he did nothing more than try to fix his stalled car – and the subsequent petty attempts to defend his post with some statement that his opinion does not warrant anyone giving him theirs – illustrates more than any of us can how much of a threat police officers can be towards the Black community. In particular it tells an African American that Black lives do NOT matter to Mr. Ebert and we should not trust his judgement when having to deal with those in the Black community or any community of color. Mr. Ebert has shown himself to be a liability to Kansas City and needs to be removed from our police force immediately.


Ida B. Wells Coalition


Anonymous said...

This will be a tough call for the Chief Forte.

He can stand behind his officer or stake the side of BLM. His next statement on this one will be critical.

Anonymous said...

He will fry Ebert because he is white

KC Jd said...

He gave his personal opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

I hope the Chief supports his officers. This really is a tempest in a teapot and I can't believe the national media is provoking it further. I thought it would fade out on facebook but here we are.

Sure there are people who are upset with police about a lot of things including shootings, but facebook commeents are NOT the problem here or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ebert’s appealing language cheering on the death of an Terence Crutcher, a presumed-guilty-since-it-was-a-groid non-human being gunned down in Tulsa, OK by those who only saw a “negro” when he did nothing more than try to fix his stalled car snd pulled a gun and had PCP and was wanted on warrants and was fresh from nine years at the jig hotel – and the subsequent understandable attempts to defend his post with racial realism – illustrates more than any of us can how much for the greater good of humans police officers can be towards the human community by shooting negroes indiscriminately. In particular it tells a bootay that Black lives do NOT matter to Mr. Ebert and we should trust his judgement when having to deal with those in groidville. Mr. Ebert has shown himself to be an asset to Kansas City and needs to be promoted in our police force immediately.

Nigga B. Gone Coal-a-lishin

Super Dave said...

When a man loses his right to have an opinion or state fact, that man has lost everything that the Constitution of the United States was supposedly written for.

Anonymous said...

That statement is hardly coherent.

Isn't it cute when negroes try and act human, trying to use the language and imitate the humans?

I think it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

there is only one way to solve the negro problem. it costs money. a lot. and its worth every penny

1. build more jails prisons courts.
2. arrest aggressively. they always skip bail so will eventually get a longer sentence
3. while in prison they cannot procreate and produce sprogs.
4. with most of them in prison eventually numbers will diminish and the others will do what they always do, kill each other.
5. on the outside they get ebt welfare. so we are paying anyway.on the inside they wont get that. ys the sprogs still have to be taken care of but that number will diminish over time.

this is the only feasible option.

Anonymous said...

When is the rest of America going to get enough of this never ending black moron tantrum?

Anonymous said...

Just another screw up by KCPD.
No one has any confidence in them any more.

Anonymous said...

out-right embarrassing for the pd.

Anonymous said...


"This group formed in Kansas City as a result of anti-racist training conducted by Lorenzo and JoNina Ervin in KC on April 27th-28th, 2013. This multi-racial group is connected to the IBWC of Memphis and stands in support of the Black Autonomy Federation."

If you visit this website, you'll discover that the most recent post is dated 4-15-15, about 1.5 years ago!! In other words, it's not active, it's dead. Which begs the question, "why is someone hiding behind a defunct organization to criticize the KCPD and make nonsensical demands?"

Exploring further, we discover that they're really an ANARCHY group!!
"What Is The Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality?
The Ida B. Wells Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality (IBWC) is an anti-racist liberation support group created by the Black Autonomy Federation to support its programs and its movement. Black Autonomy is a mass protest tendency against capitalist unemployment, war, racism, police brutality, and mass imprisonment. It is a direct action movement meant to gum up the machinery of capitalist production and prevent it from proceeding with its war against workers and the poor. In the black community, poverty and unemployment hover at depression levels, and no amount of government reforms have made a dent. Black workers and unemployed blacks need the support of labor unions and other movements at this time.

The IBWC is an anti-government protest movement, an anti-authoritarian tendency whose major purpose is to bridge the racial and class gap in U.S. capitalist society. Bridging this gap will not be accomplished by using the tired, old leftist slogans of “black-white, unite and fight,” which concealed white domination of the movement, but by uniting with the Black Autonomy movement in its anti-racist/anti-colonialist platform."

STUPID, DUMB AS SHIT ANARCHISTS WHO DO WHAT? THEY FORM A PROTEST GROUP!! Are you kidding me? Look up the definition of "anarchy" you fucking morons!

Synonyms for "anarchy" = lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil

If Forte even hesitates to listen to this crap, then he should be fired.

Anonymous said...

How is their bullshit landing on this blog as anything even halfway credible???

Anonymous said...

Yet another KCMO "activist organization", consisting of five or fewer people mostly looking for tv face-time, publicity of any kind, and most of all, funding.
There's never been a "coalition", because no one can actually work together.
Too bad these folks don't "demand" that people who they make believe they speak in behalf of behave like normal human beings and show some respect for themselves and others.
They might be surprised at how much safer and successful their lives would become.
What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're the first person to use the words "this blog" and "credible" in the same sentence, if that tells you anything.

Byron Funkhouser said...

As always, Dave Larson is being hypocritical. Mr. Ebert & Mr. Larson are allowed to state their opinions, but the BLM activist is not allowed to state theirs.

As for the movement representing Anarchy; it is Larson & Ebert who are espousing Anarchy.

Shooting an unarmed man for disobeying police orders is Anarchy. It is not "the rule of law". It is racial warfare, because these men are being killed for the crime of being Black.

The BLM activists understand the opinions expressed by at least half of the above comments is the problem, not them. Black people shouldn't have to tolerate their right to existence being routinely questioned, & they shouldn't have to be afraid of the police.

If All Lives Matter then stop killing unarmed Black Men!

Anonymous said...

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

Anonymous said...

BLM? Burn Loot Murder?

Accusing police of targeting negroes is like accusing the dog catcher of targeting dogs.

It's their fucking job.

Anonymous said...

Police shootings as of july 2016

238 white
123 black
79 hispanic
46 other
23 unknown

Anonymous said...

Where did Dave say BLM couldn't say anything Funkshithouser?Whats your goal Shithouser, you think printing peoples names and turning them into some of your BLM sites as black haters makes you somebody?

No Shitstain, it only makes you the shit stain you are. Go crawl up in bed with your friend Lynne you two cunts deserve one another.

Blacks need to learn to listen to the police as white people figured out a long time ago.

Anonymous said...


Wyatt Earp, Dodge City said...

There is Freedom of Speech and the freedom to be an asshole. Funky has the asshole part down real well.

Encounters during traffic stops are the 2nd leading cause of death of police officers, and the courts give police VERY wide leeway in giving orders that allow the officer to control the situation and keep themselves safe. If the officer tells you to roll the window down, you DO it, otherwise the officer is going to lawfully escalate the situation very quickly in order to get you into their control such that they can satisfy themselves that the reason you're not complying is that you're too busy trying to get the safety off your firearm. You're simply not going to win in a situation like this, and the courts have again and again upheld the ability of officers to take necessary steps to gain compliance in situations like these (or, for example, situations where a person won't take their hands out of their pockets, won't turn and face the officer, etc.). People who don't comply with simple and usual commands usually are non-compliant for a reason, and being "right" won't stop things like tasers, police dogs, defensive or control tactics by the officer, etc. The place to be "right" is court. Outside of court, you risk escalation. Escalation where you're not going to win most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Isaiah Washington calls on African-Americans to boycott work to protest recent killings of black men



Anonymous said...

Byron would call a Dr. Seuss story a racists rant.

Anonymous said...

Ebert is going to be fired. Laughing about a homicide is not free speech. The public is protected from listening to drugged up cops out gassing on Facebook or any public chat is being a public nuisance. Ebert should be drug tested to find out what substances he's using. BLM is a catch phrase like Occupy and it served it's purpose when Treyvon and Mike Brown were killed. BLM became Bernie Bro's and abandoned the left as we've seen in Minneapolis last winter when those cop killings took place. Mayor Sly James can say "that's Ferguson or that's Minneapolis, that's not Kansas City, we're better than that?
" Guess what? We're not better than that because cops are the same where ever you go. It's the best money for their aptitude and ability, they were bullies or were bullied and the tax payers pay for their mistakes every time. Not the police department, not the police union. So all of you out there who hate paying taxes and hate unions the FOP is a good place to see why?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^He wasn't laughing stupid

Anonymous said...

I see Funkhouser is back to stalking people again.

Anonymous said...

way to keep the "spam" down

Anonymous said...

1.2.3. Fuck The Police! 4.5.6. Fuck The Police!

Anonymous said...

He deletes, blocks... unless you are racist.

Anonymous said...

The issue here is KCPD Officer Ebert, Donald is still employed by Mayor Sly James and Chief Forte. Do you think Ad Hoc saying "we'll let the police handle it" and will brush the issue of systemic racism under the rug? What does Ad Hoc actually do to justify their budget? Maybe it's time to do away with a busted old boy organization like Ad Hoc?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor and Police Chief can't make decisions.

Anonymous said...

How embarrassing for the Police depart.

Anonymous said...

People keep saying Kaepernick has a right to free speech? What a double standard! Black lives matter, Facts don't matter!

Anonymous said...

Bullets still matter.