Friday, September 30, 2016


Dr. Ernest Evans is a renowned Kansas City expert on the topic of crime and stats and today we are grateful for his insight into the ongoing slaughter on local streets.


Kansas City's Crime Situation in a National Context

Sherlock Holmes once said to Dr. Watson: "Watson, it is a capital mistake to theorize without data." The national debate on crime, race and policing in the past two years has been notably lacking in much hard data, so fortunately the FBI has just released the Uniform Crime Report for 2015. This report is a compilation of the nation's crime statistics based on data submitted by every police department in the nation.

This 2015 UCR, together with the 2014 UCR. documents some definite trends in crime in the past two years. In the first six months of 2014 homicides in the US declined 6%--but in the last six months of 2014 they rose 5%. In the first six months of 2015 homicides rose about 6%--but for calendar year 2015 as a whole there was almost an 11% increase in homicides; this was the largest one year change in homicide statistics since the large increase in 1968 over the 1967 homicide totals.

And, this increase in homicides nationally appears to be continuing into 2016--while some cities have seen declines in homicide totals in 2016 most have not--as of today, it looks like homicides will be up 13-14% in 2016 over 2015.

Kansas City, Missouri's homicide statistics for the past two years have closely followed these national patterns. In the first eight months of 2014 there were 41 homicides in KCMO--one of the lowest rates since the early 1960s. However, in the last four months of 2014 there were again 41 homicides in KCMO. In all of 2014 there were 82 homicides in KCMO--but in 2015 there were 111. And, so far in 2016 there have been 88 homicides in KCMO--compared to 76 at this time in 2015.

The important fact to be noted here is that crime trends, whether up or down, tend to be largely determined by national social and political factors--that there is only a limited amount officials at the local level can do to lower crime rates. That is not to say that everything that the authorities in KCMO are doing with respect to crime is irrelevant--but it is to say that there is only so much that they can do.


Anonymous said...

So you're telling me that the new streetcar, airport and hotel aren't going to solve all of these killings?

The hell you say.

Anonymous said...

Looks like winter is coming early. Thanks Earnie, you fucking asshole.

Anonymous said...

When is someone going to be fired over this? Forte has been saying for years he didn't need more officers. He's been calling his officers racists and afraid. His strategies don't work. The city ISN'T going to police itself. If I worked for that genius I wouldn't do shit for the man. But it's not his fault.

No one has held anyone accountable in this city for years. Why would you even give a shit if nobody was going to call bullshit on you? I haven't read one single story on the Star, or watched a story on local news about this horrific crime trend. The city council and mayor is responsible for the safety of its citizens and not a word? We pay your salary, do your job. Canady has time to go on tv bitching about her car being towed, but that grifter hasn't said shit about the people in her district dying.

Is the Mayor such a lame duck that he's turned his back on the issue? It's your job to lead, there isn't a political fix to this. The people that live here deserve leadership, not lip service.

Anonymous said...

Already at 90 homicides. That new NOVA commander is a dick head. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

The police told me that they would not be able to take care of the problems with a drug dealer in my neighborhood because they would be seen as racist.

Anonymous said...

Put more cops on the street! Does KC have a process for removing unresponsive politicians?

Rich Jig Frank White said...

Who cares Tony!


chuck said...

The needle moves and the fucking BLM Worm Movement turns while the 4th estate throws gas on the fire in an attempt to motivate the Vote-For-A-Living slug parasites who, when not busy killing, raping and wounding citizens in the streets are arrogating taxpayer funds for indolent lifestyles.

Obama's Brown-Shirt-Thugs are plying their trade and sharpening their skills until the next opportunity comes for a payday from that lickspittle cocksucker George Soros to burn another neighborhood, destroy another city and intimidate what is left of emasculated, local law enforcement agencies all over America, now cringing in fear of a Department Of Justice investigation, based on bullshit claims of white racism and black victimization.

The end of The Rule Of Law is already at hand and the seeds of entropy and dystopia are evident now in Baltimore, St. Louis and dozens of other cities where the new Democrat/Oligarchy rules with the help of the 4th estate and pusillanimous politicians on the take, who make bank off of the dead and destroyed.


The Cri De Coeur of the new power that stems from the end of the Progressive Gun Barrel aimed right the fuck at you and your family white boy.

America hates you white boy.

Anonymous said...

This is democrat city and their is no crime. When the toy train is extended to the Plaza all problems of the city will be solved.

Anonymous said...

Trump gonna make it right again.. Again?? hmmm... got me to thinking-

When was it ever right, here in KC?? Not in my 50 years on Earth,here in KC.

Anonymous said...

Things about to get a whole lot EARNEST up in this piece.

Like a John Mayer level of earnest.

Anonymous said...

Hey there douchbag white folk , avoid the Plaza AND you'll be fine !

Anonymous said...

Beginning January 1st we are going to get a handle on KC thugs.

Anonymous said...

Homicide Analysis
Kansas City, Missouri Police Department
Note: Officer-involved shootings are not included.

2010 = 102
2011 = 111
2012 = 106
2013 = 100
2014 = 76
2015 = 109
Obviously, 2014 was the statistical outlier, whether purposely done or by chance.

2014 = Unknown 30; Argument 18; Drugs 9
2015 = Unknown 50; Argument 30; Domestic Violence 15

2014 = Unknown (24); 25 to 34 (22); 17 to 24 (19)
2015 = Unknown (44); 17 to 24 (38); 25 to 34 (20)

2014 = Black Male (40); Unknown (23); White Male (12)
2015 = Unknown (45); Black Male (44); White Male (15)

2014 = Firearm-Handgun (50); Blunt Force Trauma by Object (8); Knife (6); Firearm-Shotgun (6)
2015 = Firearm-Handgun (80); Knife (7); Firearm-Unknown (6); Firearm-Rifle (5)

2010 = 36 in East Patrol
2011 = 48 in East Patrol
2012 = 45 in East Patrol
2013 = 40 in East Patrol
2014 = 25 in East Patrol
2015 = 46 in East Patrol
Again, the 2014 data is the obvious outlier, whether purposely done or by chance.

SUMMARY: Where is the concentrated problem in KCMO? Young adult black males in the East Patrol division with handguns. If you, like Mayor James, can't see where the problem is, let me refer you back to the excellent KCPT documentary "Our Divided City" which aired earlier this year. As the Show-Me Institute has been pointing out for a long time, when KCMO severely neglects one part of town, there are resulting consequences.

Anonymous said...

thanks for some facts. wouldn't ever seem them in the local newspaper of record. they don't do truth reporting.

Anonymous said...

Keep kissing black thug ass white boys and this is the path you are going to travel.

Anonymous said...

Except police don't report all the people they kill in every city in the country. Should we just assume 15 percent of all homicides are police related. Or is 45?

Anonymous said...

Plaza is a great place to get mugged , raped , carjacked , assaulted ,homo molested ,stabbed , shot , nut kicking , butt raped , or just good old fashion shot ! Hey my blackness Boyz , anything else that I have missed ?

Anonymous said...

Homicide Analysis: Causes

Kansas City, Missouri Police Department

Note: Officer-involved shootings are not included.

2010 = Groids
2011 = Spades
2012 = Darkies
2013 = Negroes
2014 = African Americans
2015 = Crangs
2016 = Nigs a-noggin'

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That why I'm voting Trump.