Monday, September 12, 2016


According to this town's Insiders, Historic Westport is the new 18th & Vine thanks to violent patrons who have destroyed hopes of Kansas City's most embattled entertainment district "turning the corner" with the help of new hipster venues.

To wit . . .


One TOP RANKING KICK-ASS POWER BROKER told us the bad news . . .

"It's over. Westport can't go on like this. There's just no way to sustain businesses if we're gonna have gun battles in the middle of the streets after one of our signature events. 

It's not just this weekend, Westport has been facing the same problem for 20 years and has continued to lose business every season.

Already the liquor codes are killing us now this place is 'thug central' after 10pm. If that's the way things are going to be . . . I'm out and a lot of the people who own new businesses around here are saying the exact same thing. The loitering has killed this place and these aren't kids, these are adults who simply stand around to attract trouble. We don't have a way to legally respond without a ridiculous level of security. The easiest, most profitable opinion is just to leave."

Aftermath following the weekend mass shooting . . .

Fox4: Man charged with 7 counts of assault for alleged involvement in Westport shooting

And let's get our terminology right . . . While, thankfully, nobody was killed . . .


Thank medical tech, good luck and whatever superstition to which locals ascribe for the lack of fatalities . . . But for the biz community, this mass shooting has killed hope that trendy new restaurants can save this place from longstanding issues of crowd control.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

westport has been doomed since 1997.

look closely at all the empty store fronts.

the place is a ghost town during the day and the thugs and whores don't help it at night.

Just Another KC Drinker said...

Can we move Kelly's to Waldo?

Anonymous said...

Westport has been sleazy since the 70s. We'll survive. It was the fault of the merchant association for moving in all of these hipsters in the first place.

Bad idea.

Real people in KC go to Westport to get away from the lame asses who would pay 9 bucks for a beer.

Back to basics Westport. Food trucks and cheap booze. The only new addition worth a damn has been the cookie place.

Anonymous said...

this is a re-run, you know.

it's sad.

it wouldn't have to be if there were a plan, a commn sense plan.

Anonymous said...

Its the inner city youth, that arent even old enough to get in the bars, down there starting trouble with white people cause they outnumber the ones that will stand up. Same exact thing on the plaza. Theyre tough in numbers but bitches when theyre by themselves!
Cops should be using up tons of pepper spray and kicking the hell out of them, when theyre loiterin! Dont bother with arrests, it should just be a good old fashioned lesson!

Anonymous said...

FACT : there is NO Denying it or attempting to spin it !!

We've ALL seen thru the decades how these Degenerate Criminal Cockroaches have Destroyed Entire Shopping Malls and suburbs !

Examples :

Indian Springs Shopping MALL / Kansas city, Kansas

The Landing Shopping Mall / KCMO

Bannister shopping Mall KCMO

Blueridge Shopping Mall / KCMO - Indep.

Numerous areas of the Suburbs in south Kansas City and midtown Kansas city Missouri

They will attempt to claim other wize and attempt to spin the facts.

But we have seen no other race contribute to the demise and decay of communities and businesses thru the decades like this particular race has = FACT !!

Definetly NOT the Hawaiians

NOT the Chinese

NOT the Japanese

nor the Phillipino community

wasn't the Canadians

not the Swedes

nor the Italians

NOT the eskimo's

nor the Pacific Islanders

not the Scottish

nor the Austrians

only 1 other particular Types of people that do this and crete utter pathetic GHETTO'S thru out an entire country and then attempt to lie and spin the facts as to what they've done like everybodys just wearing blinders, and can't see what they've done.

Whats worse they really don't seem to give a flying shit and actually think its funny !!

To make matters worse as we've ALL seen witnessed & heard their only Defense if you bring this out and point it out to them is the Provable RACE CARD, that's is their only Defense , its the same one they constantly bring out everytime and attempt to try to hide behind every single time,,,,, because that's all they got and know,, to HIDE behind !!

That's is their only Defense , to hide behind and try to use it to cover up the facts .

As were all seeing & witnessing they are a Destructive Race, even to their own people, their own communities and after decades after decades they DO NOT seem to want to CHANGE anything about their ways and Culture and the way they behave. FACT !

Instead, they want to see how much further down the Rabbit Hole they can proceed into utter Destruction within themselves and turn around and Blame everybody else for their badd decisions, Culture and way of life !

Perfect examples is how they now dress and wear their hair like Thug Terrorists, as if trying to Scare people because of their Ghoulish looks and trashy dress, with their pants down to their ankles , their underwear showin, their hair all Knotted up like a Rats NEST !

Who are they trying to impress ???

Most of them have numerous Criminal backgrounds, don't want to work, can't get anybody to hire them lookin the way they look as hideous as they look, can't speak proper English, ghetto' slang is not proper English.

As Always whenever this is brought up & pointed out , your always called a Racist or a Bigot or both.

Yet other cultures & races don't act like this nor, carry on the way this particular race does, and they are full of some of the most pathetic excuses you could imagine as to why, as they blame everybody else for their horrible actions.

They've ruined countless cities across the country with their violent crime waves and rampet drug use, costing cities multi millions of dollars thru the decades .

They've ran decent businesses completely out of their communities who once employeed citizens in their communities.

Yet they are full of excuses and rhetoric and utter bullshit as to why it keeps happening.

It now appears Westport is going to face the same decline as the others areas and what will follow next is the Country Club Plaza a once beautiful shopping staple in the Midwest will be reduced to outright GHETTO' Heaven once they are thru ruining it and city leaders continue to parade around like they are clueless as to what to do about any of it !!!

Its way past time they take a very serious look at themselves, their culture, and their way of life !!!!

Bob said...

10:50, you are wrong. Westport is busy during the day and evening. There are some pretty good non-chain restaurants in the area. It is a good spot to grab a beer and a bite. But leave by 10.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple. Close the bars at 1:00 am.

Thugs and losers won't hang out in Westport because nothing will be happening there.
Whatever money bars make from midnight till 2:30am isn't worth the crime, bad press, and overall degrading of the area.

Anonymous said...

Damn!! Where's Colin Kaepernick and Marcus Peters when you need them.

Anonymous said...

"Speaking for the MIDTOWN KANSAS CITY ELITE, Tony Botello said..."

If I had read that anywhere else I would have fallen off my chair laughing.

You do not speak for anybody.

Anonymous said...

Yup 11:29 black people suck pretty bad. We should probably exterminate them like the roaches they are don't you agree? A real drain on society!!

Anonymous said...

The tension is building. This is soooo good.

Just like a real Earthquake, the forces building up to the final snap takes eons. But the "snap" is sudden and violent.

The forces leading up to our racial Earthquake keep building and someday it WILL snap. And, it will be glorious.

Can we all not feel the tension? I think the Negroes know something is up. "Something" with them and something with us. Something has changed.

Their present movement towards civil disobedience is different this time. A bit more like a building tidal wave than a violent storm. They are massing tribaly as we speak and their commonality is creating a bond. Race realist Whites are doing the same thing while the Brain Dead Liberals most likely don't sense nor see what is building.

A critical mass is finally building and soon something will trigger an all out race war. I feel it. I "see" it and I know it is coming.

Soon. Folks, keep a gun with you at all times. Avoid ANY and EVERY Negro area you can. Even in broad daylight stay away from the Apes. Whatever triggers this "moment" will not give you time to get out of Westport. Don't be in it to begin with.

It is coming. Get ready!!!

Anonymous said...

Westport is fucked.

Blacks ruin everything they touch.

But, hey, they vote Democrat and as long as Democrats control the media and the Fed Govt. nothing is going to change. Democrat publications and the MSM will continue to tell black, brain dead animals that they would be living in castles and driving Ferraris if it wasn't fo da man keepen dem down, and, indolent, entitled violent idiots that they are, they will believe it.

I hate 'em.

Anonymous said...

Isnt diversity great? all these dumb ass hipsters dont know shit. its too violent in westport for me. havent been in years, and wont ever be going back. I barely even go to the plaza anymore, and if you do need to watch your back in the parking garages. Thats where the rapes and robberies happen.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Forget building a wall around Mexico. They're almost all good and hardworking people. I want to build a wall around KCK. That's the real threat to my way of life.

Anonymous said...

Instead of waiting around lets get Westport declared a National Historic District. We can open up the National BNegro Gin Up and Kill Museum. We can have live historic shoot outs in the streets and folks will flock in to soak up the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

So if you are black and you shoot at Jean Peterless you get charged with assault and not attempted murder? And that broad thinks the problem is in Jeff City????

Anonymous said...

12:16 - what did he point out that's not a fact? Sorry if they don't support your SJW agenda.

Anonymous said...

Cool Race War post Tony your readers are really something.

To say nothing of you.

Anonymous said...

So very true ! White people should be avoiding the Plaza, Westport, & P ,& L , Spend more money elsewhere & stay alive!

Anonymous said...

Ignore 1:55 libtard.

Anonymous said...

People weren't meant to live as prisoners in their own home. I know. The verbal atrophy spewing from this blog is stifling.If you're not a doctrinaire xenophobic segregationalist tilted zealot fiend with jaundiced dogmatic superpatriot yielding waspish short-fused male chauvinistic pig views...don't write or respond to this blog. Not whining, just describing what I read and some of theses thoughts are deeply disturbing. We don't have to be a monomaniac when it comes to race. do we all not bleed? Intransigent behavior is taught. Our misanthrope lives must exist together. There's no patent on being criminal. There all varieties and gender. I just feel TKO'd by TKC jingoistic.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good is going to happen at 3:00 AM. This shooting occurred at 3:20. Folks, GO HOME! Westport is great at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00. Not great at 3:00 AM. Let the thugs take over at 3:00 and kill each other. Intelligent people will not be there.

Anonymous said...

1:23p, there is no such charge as "attempted murder" in the state of Missouri, so the problem just might be in Jeff City.

Anonymous said...

@2:25. It's difficult to all join hands and sing kumbya when one particular group is disproportionately responsible for violent crime. The underlying problem is black culture. Too bad if that upsets you, but sometimes the truth tastes pretty bitter.

Anonymous said...

Close Westport at 1:00 and give all the bars in East KC permits to remain open 24/7.

Anonymous said...

~~~~~~~{= @4:19. My only comeback is a Bronx cheer. Administered in jest. No, even true...I don't have to like it.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the brain dead business management in Westport will figure out a way to make things worse.

John Q said...

""According to this town's Insiders, Historic Westport is the new 18th & Vine thanks to violent patrons who have destroyed hopes of Kansas City's most embattled entertainment district "turning the corner" with the help of new hipster venues."

Hmmmmmmm......looks like the wily negroid has ruined another area. Nothing new. But hey, Blacks matter.

Anonymous said...

Too many racists here at TKC.

Anonymous said...

Too many negros in Westport/Kansas City

Unknown said...

As much as I loathe the power and light district, they did make a move in the safer direction by charging and cover charge that was only payable by debit/credit cards. The extra revenue could be used to pay for more security.