Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Testimony: Kansas City Ignores Electric Bus Development Progress Whilst Fighting About Toy Train Streetcar Part Deux

Consultants fought with biz owners and dedicated tax critics today while our blog community notes that the bus stays winning for the most effective use of public transit . . .

The bottom line of today's talk . . .

Critics shared real facts and figures about tax increases while consultants and civic cheerleaders offered their ridership numbers and empty economic development promises. 

Now, an example of transit this town continues to overlook:

Forbes: Bus Rapid Transit Spurs Development Better Than Light Rail Or Streetcars

A a roundup of today's discussion:

Fox4: Many gather to argue whether city should spend $227-million to extend the streetcar line to UMKC

KCUR: Petitioners Want To See Kansas City's Streetcar Head South

KSHB: KC Streetcar expansion could be on the horizon

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...


Following KCMO government's lead with the ToyTrain streetcar,

Uber and Tesla are teaming up to introduce a MULE TEAM transportation service! The mules will travel in straight lines, be restricted from turning corners, move slowly, and require frequent care and maintenance.

Riders are advised to wear comfortable boots, and will be prohibited from eating/drinking while on the animals.

Consultants advising on the project have projected a trillion-dollar boost to economic development along the mule team line in the first few months.

And it's all FREE!!!

Anonymous said...

KC already has 2 BRT lines and the same people who brought you the streetcar are busy working on a 3rd, with ZERO help from SMARTKC. None of them has generated anywhere near the economic development the streetcar has. FACT.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right, trolley boy. Keep repeating that same old lie. People can search TKC for your pouty input after the toot toot election in which you repeatedly said the east side refused to vote for the Prospect MAX (which would have required them to vote for the toot toot), so they weren't gonna get one.

Of course, you've never been one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, have you, oh pride of Coffeyville?

Anonymous said...

3:13, the streetcar hasn't created economic development. The 20 years tax abatements did that. Developers like building expensive rentals where no one including the tenants pay tax. The real economic development is from busesbthat take people to their jobs.

Anonymous said...

The problem with electrical powered mass transit is YOUR electric bill goes up.

Anonymous said...

Midtown cost of living going waaay upif you are a property/homeowner.
The hidden fees/taxes property,food ,dry goods water/sewer. Taxation without representation...and without a prayer.
Pass the jar of Vaseline