Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Kansas City Saturday Night Playlist!!! Celebrate Social Media Double Standards!!! OR Anthem Hater Marcus Peters Stays Winning Over BLM Critic Steve Clevenger!!!

Whenever somebody complains about life being unfair . . . That's a good time to tune out and start thinking about lunch or supermodels . . .

Accordingly, this headline has your drunk uncle angry this weekend . . .

New York Times: Steve Clevenger Suspended by Mariners for Tweets on Charlotte Protests

Is it fair?


But again, life isn't fair and neither are interest rates.

Then again the rule of the current American culture war make angry white dudes nothing more than a running joke . . . At least until Trump wins the Presidential election and then we all find out the joke is on us.

Nevertheless . . . More than few folks taking note of this story still contend that the ongoing pro-athlete social justice protests claiming "free speech" now seem empty when that value isn't supported for remarks on the other end of the political spectrum.

And what does Marcus Peters think about all this??? Given that local media wants to keep his continued national anthem disrespect on the down low as to not upset their sponsorship deals.

As we go along our bloggy journey, we find ourselves more fascinated by interesting, alternative perspectives and good bawdy jokes more than the litany of talking points funded by either corrupt political party or any particular point of view.

Even so, it's best to try and have a sense of humor about it all . . .

In the final analysis, culture war protests amid big money games where billionaire owners and millionaire athletes are subsidized by increasingly overburdened municipal taxing districts across the nation seem like nothing more than continued distraction. Jocks and their political views hold very little real importance to the people really paying attention to the world in the precious few moments before the rise of Chinese hegemony.

And so, tonight we offer this playlist on the topic of fairness and other illusions . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Peters better knock that crap off immediately of find himself traded with a quickness.

Anonymous said...

For your drunk uncle!


Jack Donaghy said...

Bring my drink Pedro, and try to take things a bit more seriously next time. It's an election year after all.

Anonymous said...

There you go with more of your white slamming racism cloaked as contemporary, intelligent discussion. When are you libtards going to learn that simply having a differing opinion on social issues is not racism????? Nevermind,! Playing the "R" word and all that goes with it has apparently worked for so long and so well why ruin a good thing. ...especially when you are in line for entitlements.

Anonymous said...

"A playlist on the topic of fairness" - featuring pedophile Pete Townshend of the Who.

Anonymous said...

Wal-mart ruined whites.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Tony, it wasn't that he said something, it was what he said:

“BLM is pathetic once again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone involved should be locked behind bars like animals!”

Once again, a white winger wants to bypass the legal process & move straight to the sentencing phase.

Nor did Peters start the anthem protests which have been spreading like wildfire. It was started by Kaepernick who has not said that people "should be locked behind bars like animals". It is a silent protest without vitriol.

I know that you are smarter than this, so what's the real deal? You are not an honorary white man in the eyes of white men, however much you make a show of waving the flag. How many times were you called a 'beaner' today?

Clevenger is clearly someone's drunken uncle.

chuck said...

Consult with your doctor before reading Byron's inane, repetitive and self hating comments.

"Byron's comments should not be red if you are pregnant. Reading Byron's comments while pregnant could cause birth defects, like having an idiot kid, who hates himself because his brother is so successful and eventually learns to identify with African American Criminality and dysfunction in the hopes that he can piss of his brother, who could give a fuck less about him and forgets that his name is actually 'Byron' and calls him 'Bryon'.

"To make sure if it is safe to read Byron's comments, tell your doctor if you rode a short bus to school every day with a helmet on and your favorite shows are cartoons and the Kardashians. Exposure to Byron's comments could cause your Fontenelle to open back up. If you notice that you are shitting your pants and sucking your thumb, stop reading Byron's comments immediately and notify your doctor."

"Do not read Byron's predictable, soporific, somnambulistic comments before driving or using heavy equipment. If you are feeling drowsy after reading Byron's comments, this is a natural and expected outcome. Do not bother your fucking doctor, just click onto the next article."

"Do not read Byron's comments if you have more than a room temp IQ as this can sometimes cause unexplained and uncontrolled hilarity. Never read Byron's comments in public. Byron's comments can result in traffic accidents, Breathalyzer Tests, short term incarceration and disorientation as the patient tries and tries to get his/her arms around just how fucking whacked out Byron is."

"Call your doctor if you find yourself agreeing in any way with Byron's comments as this can be a sign of serious mental derangement, mental impairment and decreasing mental stability."

"Never combine alcohol with Byron's comments. The combination of alcohol and Byron's comments accentuate and exacerbate all of the previously mentioned symptoms."

You're Welcome.

Anonymous said...

In a time of desperate celebrity and narcissism in which EVERYONE has to share their thoughts with everyone else, regardless of how uninformed or even stupid they may be, Twitter and the rest of social media provide instant and endless opportunities.
Is it possible to have a society of 330 million people shouting at each other and calling names just to desperately try to be "relevant"?,
Probably not.
And it certainly isn't possible to have an effective democratic government in such a place, which is clearly demonstrated by the current crop of candidates offered in numerous elections, including the presidential one.
So here we are "discussing" serious and even constitutional issues by citing comments by players, some second string, in the NFL.
It really can't get much sillier than this.

Super Dave said...

Nice job chuck

Anonymous said...

Whites ruined WalMart.