Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Kansas City Martha Hottie Morning

Martha Hunt is besties with Taylor Swift (and that knowledge makes your life better) and right now her lingerie hotness starts our Kansas City morning right now with these links that we're perusing right now.

Take a look:

Cowtown Itchy Scratchy Report
Kansas City residents dealing with oak leaf itch mite
Golden Ghetto Gooey Gripes . . .
OP residents frustrated with street maintenance strategy
One More Urban Core Shooting
Police investigate shooting near 39th Street, Brooklyn Avenue
One Billion For Doggies
The Monday Poll results: Voters like $800 million bond plan
Kansas City Winning Hype Cont'd
Royals keep faint playoff hopes alive with extra-innings win over Twins
And this is the OPEN THREAD for this morning . . .


Anonymous said...

What does it mean when people refer to the carpet not matching the drapes?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^^Only means you're stupid and have no life or clues about life.

Anonymous said...

9:00 am doesn't know the definition of "troll."