Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Here's the sobering fact about Kansas City falling behind other cities with similar population numbers . . . After HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS ALREADY INVESTED IN DOWNTOWN TOURIST ATTRACTIONS . . . The only answer that local leadership has to stagnant economic numbers is TO KEEP DIGGING THE DEBT HOLE FOR KANSAS CITY and continue with the development agenda. Meanwhile, everybody is celebrating this bit of economic hype clickbait and not mentioning that it's all powered by corporate welfare. Take a look: New Kansas City Metro GDP Numbers Are Not Bad - But They're Not Great


Crazy Clown said...

went downtown SUNDAY 9/ 18/2016 near the Steamboat Aribia Museum and NOT a single person did I see waiting on the TOY TRAIN of SLYS !!!

Seen the tracks in the street, and overhead wires but NO People waiting for the TOY TRAIN,,,,

tho I did see plenty of people in the cars out driving around, getting to where they were going quite efficiently too !!!

Dumb Sly has NO IDEA what a MONORAIL is tho,,,, go to VEGAS and find out and see how many people are actually riding a REAL mode of Transportation !!!!

Anonymous said...

F Slime

Anonymous said...

"New Kansas City Metro GDP Numbers Are Not Bad - But They're Not Great" but they're also not truthful. Let's begin the conversation about everything those numbers aren't. Shall we?