Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sleaze Summit Hosts Kansas City Heroin Forum Amid Overdose Epidemic

Sign of increasing desperation locally and across the nation . . . "Members of law enforcement, first responders and mental and behavioral health professionals led the heroin forum Wednesday night in Lee’s Summit. They addressed questions and concerns from those who attended. This local forum comes on the heels of a national push to address the alarming overdose rate. The justice department has called for law enforcement to identify links between over-prescribing doctors and distribution networks across the country."

Read more: Local forum raises awareness for growing number of drug overdoses


Anonymous said...

Fuck it up ,you cock sucker's for those of us who live in chronic pain!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. White girl dies due to overdose and they have medical and behavioral specialists there to brief the crowd. Black girl overdoses and the prosecuting attorney and police chief are at your door.

Stop it.

Anonymous said...

Agreed ^^^^ SOOOOOOO- Tired- oF -This- kind- of -Bullshit.

Anonymous said...

No candlelight vigils?

Anonymous said...

Death to junkies!!! Miliions use opioids responsibly, A few junkies make the medical cases' lives tough. Death to junkies! Put strichnine in heroin!!!

Anonymous said...

Im with ya ..Hell as it is right now
my dr practically quakes in his shoes
every time he renews my script.
its a goddamn shame but these fuckin dope heads
and the government are gonna soon outlaw pain meds
and those of us with chronic,persistant pain
are gonna be fucked!!!

not fair to the good drs and damn sure not fair for people
who legitimatly suffer and take their meds properly.
Pisses me the fuck off!!

Pill popping hypocrites said...

LOL @ pot calling kettle black... so they are junkies because they don't have the means of getting there opiods legally and in regulated form?
You dipshit, go take a couple more pill and find another place to post about your oh so hard time at the doctors..