Sunday, September 25, 2016

Show-Me Trump Winning Horrible Election

Trump leads Clinton in Missouri by 46-37 but the reality is that most voters don't really like their choices this time around . . .U.S. Voters to Watch Debates Mulling 'Risky' and 'Scary' Choices


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

I somewhat disagree
It has been well known for twenty years that Hillary was going to run.
The GOP were always afraid of her so much that they wouldn't dare criticize her very much
So along comes trump who doesn't care about the GOP's gentlemans code, and goes after her the way GOP voters have always wanted. That's why he won the nomination

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Absolutely agree. Trump is saying what others won't and that's why he wins!

Anonymous said...

Latest poll shows Hillary 1 point ahead in a traditional RED STATE.
Basically all the polls are oversampling the same people.
Trump is at a negative compared to Romney's 2012 polls.

Anonymous said...

The choices are clearcut and better than 2012. Then we had an incumbent worst President in a generation versus a globalist elite. They were basically on the same side of the major issues, they just varied in degree.

Anonymous said...

My mouth is watering. I have no other plans for the evening except watching history unfold. Afterward will be just as important. Last person standing...literally. Facial ticks, vocal lacerations between retorts, or will we play nice first time out, preferably swinging, we are a Jerry culture in after thought. Who's more American and less a criminal? Abracadabra! Let's tear down these walls an get down to brass tacks and talk about real issues. How bad DO you want to be President?

Anonymous said...

Hillary voted for the Iraq war.

She helped Obama gut the MIddle East in her Secretary of State role.

That baby killing bitch will BRING BACK THE DRAFT...just wait and see!