Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Show-Me Gun Rights Winning In Missouri And Firing Off Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

At the end of the day, gun rights stay winning in Missouri . . . And we've got a lot more to cover, including a serious shooting on 11th & Chestnut this evening but here's a good way to leave it tonight by way of hottie legend Lisa Ann . . .

Missouri lawmakers loosen gun laws with veto override of SB 656
Tragic Kansas Charges
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran questions head of Veteran Affairs on Leavenworth sex abuse allegations
La Migra Aftermath
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement not notified of accused cop killer's previous arrests
Early Season High Praise
Draft bust, you say? Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith is flying higher than ever
Zero Hope Of Playoffs For Royals
A's blank Royals as KC's September swoon rolls on
And this is the OPEN THREAD right now . . .


Anonymous said...

"Missouri lawmakers loosen gun laws with veto override of SB 656"

In spite of all the crying in the morning when libtards find out about the gun rights passage, near nothing will change. In the states where no permit required law exist crime has actually decreased, folks still work and play and life goes on. Occasionally you have a situation involving a Samaritan or property owner taking down a thug, but protecting the rights of the law abiding citizens can not be a negative. We still will have criminals to deal with. We will still have thugs that circumvent and break the law to acquire and use guns. We will still have discussions on whether anyone should own guns. It wold be great to see folks come together and fight about dealing with the thugs rater than wasting time worrying about hard working people and property owners with guns, but my money rides on the fact that we will continue to argue about shit that has nothing to do with the real problems of stopping crime and criminals.

Anonymous said...

Why is Palin dressed that way?

Anonymous said...

She's just displaying her bazookas