Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The reality is that this contest isn't even close but the name-calling from Rep. Yoder is nice when he isn't calling for "civility" in politics . . . And counting his HUGE bank roll that will deliver all the votes he needs to beat this nobody offered up by typically lackadaisical Kansas Democrats. 

From a Yoder presser on the topic . . .

"Even though he has failed to lift a finger to vote for our children's schools, Liberal Jay Sidie is shockingly asking the voters of the Third District to trust him with their vote in Washington. In fact, of the 37 total elections Sidie has been eligible to vote in since moving to Kansas, he's only participated in nine, giving him a 24% overall voting percentage and a 0% when it comes to schools. Notably, Sidie did not vote in the 2014 general election for governor. "

Meanwhile, both Republicans and Democrats lament the education debate in Kansas given that is mostly creates hard feelings among a few Johnson County denizens but hasn't seemed to move the dial in terms of voting for more than a decade . . . The so-called "revolt" against lame duck Gov. Brownback doesn't count given that "moderate" Republican is just a code word for a suburbanite who over-explains their mostly reactionary voting record.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

good ad for kansas, for several reasons.

guess he has to go through the motions of campaigning.

Anonymous said...

Jay was a bit unreasonable in his business dealings with me.
An unbiased review of his statements versus his performance would have most labeling him as a blowhard. But, not everyone can be successful.