Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Doggie discrimination continues in this suburban enclave as panicky legislators fail to realize that bad owners NOT THE BREED are to blame for the reputation of these animals. Checkit: Prairie Village leaders vote to keep city's pit bull ban


Anonymous said...

Based on sound science no less.

I'm curious why this group of great thinkers doesn't ban the most aggressive and dangerous animal of all. They seem to want to protect their city from danger, but they didn't go far enough.

The need to ban humans. The number of people killed and maimed by humans is a billion times greater than the number of people killed and maimed by pit bulls.

It's an aggressive creature, prone to erratic and dangerous behavior. Humans will live and play in the same area for decades, until they suddenly snap and murder a bunch of their own kind.

They are trained to kill on a large scale in organized packs called "armies." Some humans rear their young by kicking, beating, and forcing the young to fight. They grow up aggressive and dangerous.

Humans are the real safety issue in prairie village, but let's worry about puppies.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls are assholes. Any city where they are allowed is trashy.

Anonymous said...

You're confusing negros with humans, they're not, so stop. Armies are noble calls to duty and consist of OUR HEROES, so quit your libtardly whining.

I mean, look at colleges. When welcomed to formerly white-controlled institutions to play college football (now firmly committed to dispossessing white people), they rape our women and have administrations quickly coverup the crimes... when they can't be covered up, they justify their sexual assaults on history of slavery/oppression.

Anonymous said...

You obviously haven't been to the barrio called Prairie Village if you think it's high society.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the shitty east side of PV. It's always some trashy inner city thug that came from the ghetto moving in and bringing their asshole pitbull.

Anonymous said...

I've considered adopting a pitbull but who knows where they came from. Even if they weren't fought, odds are they were chained up. Once you chain up any kind of dog long enough they go psychotic and can snap. No thanks, too much liability. I live on the east side of KC and this seems to be normal around here.

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