Monday, September 12, 2016

Nobody Believes Johnson County Mom Who Argues The Innocence Of Her Son After Deadly Shootout And K-9 Police Chase

We'll talk more about this in a bit but the reality is that the court of public opinion rages against this local mom and her protest of the recent arrest of her son after a deadly gun fight that has put fear into the hearts of suburbanite residents. You decide: FOX 4 News on Twitter


Anonymous said...

Should have stayed in KCMO where the cops prosecutors and elected officials don't care about crime.

Anonymous said...

People are not believing this woman based on her reasoning. She stated he could not be guilty because he was home all day. Yet she had previously stated she had been pulling up in her car when she saw her son being arrested. So, if she had been away from her son, how could she know where he had been the whole time? Also, she proclaimed his innocence without seeing the camera footage from the WalMart security camera. She should have waited to give her interview until seeing the evidence, instead of rushing to the son's defense. The booking report shows he's 30 years old. Plenty old enough to know right from wrong.

Anonymous said...

No business living in Shawnee - rebuilt Wayne Minor with a school, grocery store and small hospital on site. Can you imagine the drop in crime rates across the city's older suburbs?

If you want to live in a nice, clean, safe environment then earn it!

Anonymous said...

Well he will have a nice new comfy home NOW! And he will have alot of his peers to keep him company. They don't call it the BIG HOUSE for nothing! Fairly cramped these days though - so you best make friends fast.

Anonymous said...

This is Obama's HUD policy for Section Ape in putting poor disadvantage people in suburbs because they deserve a good neighborhood. It just isn't fair that they have to live in the hood. It isn't fair that those of us who live out here have to put up with this shit.

Anonymous said...

Yup, more of MAYOR SLY JAMES Thugs thought they could move else where and continue their Vicious violent crime waves and get by with it !

and his MaMa attempts to play everybody for stupid .

Typical uneducated welfare trash that the Democratic Liberal Libtards turn out & promote, as were all seeing and witnessing !

It'd really help if MaMa would actually learn proper English !!

All that Welfare & section 8 thru the years didn't do any of them any real worthwhile cause now did it !!!

The Courts over there will NOT Tolerate such behavior from these Degenerate hoodrats that come from KCMO'Ville that Mayor Sly James & Jackson Country Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker like to CODDLE & PROTECT !!!

Her lies are pathetic in an attempt to get her criminal son off so he can continue to live like a degenerate criminal !

She'll Enjoy traveling over 600 to 900 miles are more to visit her son whatever prison they stick him in , because that is how it works !!

I suspect she'll be moving soon close to her son, whatever prison he winds up in, so the community won't have to tolerate this Degenerate much longer !!

OK - lets the excuses and bullshit rhetoric rage on to cover for this Ghetto Rat from KCMO or wharever that moved over there,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hang the fucker in a tree, now, before lunch is over.

Anonymous said...

Ask her to sign a sworn statement; she'll change her mind real quick. Remember the thug witnesses in Ferguson initially claiming that Michael Brown was "hands up, don't shoot", but quickly recanted when they didn't want jail time for perjuring themselves.

Anonymous said...

Really...look at the update wrong black boy. Big dummy

Anonymous said...

Really...just grab the first black man you see. How is that right? Read the updates...wrong one oh yes they all look alike...yeah right!