Thursday, September 15, 2016

More Cash For Kansas City?!?!

This eco-devo blog claims that locals are seeing more money since last year . . . But still not as much as since the bottom fell out of the economy and everybody realized markets were rigged. Take a look: KC Sees Sharp Increase in Income


Anonymous said...

So they increased entitlements, eh?

chuck said...

The Government lies more than the Clintons because they get more opportunity to lie.

Just like the "unemployment" numbers are better.

Sure, if you only count folks looking for work, it has dropped. How convenient. Lets just pretend that those 90 MILLION people who are no longer looking for work, or, have transferred to the public dole don't exist.

By the way, you can keep your doctor and Obama Care is a huge success that has lowered our premiums and deductibles.

The new America hates the middle class almost as much as they hate YOU white boy!

Anonymous said...

I've read it has risen but it still below 2007 levels.
A fact MSM and Obama supporters don't mention.
It's all dog and pony show for Hillary.

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