Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lucy And The Kansas City Morning Look

Quick peek at some top links for the Kansas City morning along with our favorite Brit hottie . . . Take a look:

#TBT Kansas City Underground
The 8th Street Tunnel Is A Gateway To Kansas City's History - But You Probably Can't Get In
Dirty Kansas City Housing
Apartment complex tells tenant to move after five years of bed bugs
Long Wait For Local Justice
Friends, family wait for justice 3 years after hit-and-run death
Help Find This Guy In Need
Missing man sought; has traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis
Good Looking Out In The Suburbs
Alert sergeant spots missing Blue Springs man in woods
Home Team QB Makeover???
New identity for Alex Smith and Kansas City Chiefs? No problem
Goodbye To Glory Days
Depleted Kansas City Royals bullpen struggling to live up to reputation
And this is the OPEN THREAD For Right Now . . .


Anonymous said...

Jack's stuff is fine. They are just hitting good pitches.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, no one really thought the Royals were going to keep going to the World Series, right? That would require a bottle of gin and Benny Hihn.

Anonymous said...

well , it is quite