Thursday, September 29, 2016

Eva Lovia And The Kansas City Link Pool

Half Latina, Half Japanese pr0n babe Eva Lovia inspires this delve into all the Kansas City mainstream media links right now. Take a look:

Dangerous Kansas City Box Store Peeps
Walmart, in parts of the metro, ranks high on the number of police calls
Perfect Village Deadly Aftermath
Victim in Prairie Village murder-suicide identified
MWWS Continues In Kansas City
Kylr Yust appears in court on charges related to Runions case
Inciting Incident Across State Line
Man pleads guilty to aggravated assault that KCK captain was investigating when he was murdered
Helling Reads Nation's Paper Of Record!!!
Ann Coulter wanted Kris Kobach on Trump's ticket, NYT says
KCK Institution Uncovered
We Solve The Mystery Behind The 'Starving Artist Lounge' In Kansas City, Kansas
Kansas City High Tech Kindness
Local prosthetic company offers to replace Northland woman's bionic limb after hers was stolen
For National Coffee Day
Meet Kansas City's 'data experts in coffee,' PerfectCube
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Northland woman's bionic limb after hers was stolen...
only in Kansas City would your bionic limb get stolen.

Anonymous said...


The water begins to boil as Eva heats things up....I'm Lovin' It!!!

Anonymous said...

DADA DA DA DA ^^^ She look's like a lot of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

"Walmart, in parts of the metro, ranks high on the number of police calls"

When your metro is comprised of 30 percent black you are going to have thieves. I'm sure the libtards think it is all Walmart's fault for using up resources, but perhaps KC ought to rein in it's fine thug ass citizens or star punishing the bastards instead of raising fine money for the city..