Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lais And The Kansas City Link Pool

Lais Ribeiro was a teen mom and now she's a sought after global modeling hottie talent. This transformation inspires our Kansas City links list right now . . .

Help Find Kansas City Football Glory Days
Former Chiefs player loses Super Bowl ring at KC car wash
Justice Amid Tragic Local Death
Police make arrest in connection with Megan Wheeler's death
Kansas City Driver Crackdown
Watch your speed: Enforcement blitz begins Friday in Kansas, Missouri
More Deets On Horrific Killing Charges
Family says Kansas City teen's attempt to help dad may have led to her killing
Building Kansas City Urban Core Market
Local realtors help bring hope to Kansas City neighborhood
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


chuck said...

Jim Kearney is a great guy. Tons of stories and always a smile. I have hit balls with him a couple of times out at Nigros and he is very, very accurate and, again, hilarious.

I hope he finds that ring, he shows it to me every time I see him.

Fuck the NFL, but Jim is the best.

Anonymous said...

"Watch your speed: Enforcement blitz begins Friday in Kansas, Missouri"

This is the pipe dream of the National Highway Transportation libtard bureaucrates who wave a little cash under the state's agencies and now owns them. I'm sure some Democrat's career will be furthered by this exercise. However, the really big highway killer isn't speed, but rather driver inattention period. Anybody got a cell phone? They kill more people than all of our guns combined.

Anonymous said...

Lost Super Bowl ring at 60th & Troost? Good luck. Quandarius washing his 1985 Caprice Classic with fake temporary tags after that found it and traded it for some rock. I really do hope he gets it back but I'm sure hes well aware how his people are.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the NFL is right,Chuck..but most of us know it was different when this guy played.I hope he finds his ring,myself.

Bob said...

Kearney looks like he could still put a megahit on a WR.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should check the Beaver Cleaver car wash.

Anonymous said...


6'1" Brazilian Bombshell