Monday, September 26, 2016

KCK Deadly Strip Mall Parking Shooting Today

Aftermath of more local gunfire this afternoon . . . Family in shock after 21-year-old man gunned down in parking lot of KCK shopping center

More deets . . . KCK police investigate homicide in shopping center parking lot


Anonymous said...

Geeeeee, lets guess shall we ????

Bet the suspects weren't Hawaiian , or Chinese, or Japanese, nor PhilippineO',,,

bet their weren't Eskimo's either or Russians, or British

Wonder who the suspects could be then ??????????????

Cause we know it ain't BLACK punks, we've been told by the Degenerate scumbag LIBERAL media that they aren't Violent and its not Politically correct to point out that they are,,,,,

Just can't imagine who'd it's be than ?????

bet its LIBERAL Reporters ,,, betcha !!!!

Anonymous said...

A BLM member shot another BLM member due to matters beyond their control.

Anonymous said...