Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kate And The Kansas City Saturday Link Pool

For criticism of NFL protest . . . Kate Upton is called "Careless, Insensitive, and Offensive" by people who mistakenly think anybody is listening to her whilst in a bikini. Meanwhile, we consider these local links today . . .

More Meth Town Destruction & Charges
Grampa's Cafe in Independence destroyed after car drives through it
Ride-Share Tragedy On Local Streets
Police: Uber passenger fatally struck on I-435
Nobody Likes STL Pizza
Popular Westport pizza shop suddenly closes, leaving customers disappointed and employees without work
Tasty Jess & Jim's in Martin City offers 1/2 price to police and firemen in uniform.
Jess and Jim's Steakhouse
Kansas City Teaching Moment
Rev. Shawn Smith of KCK, friend of man killed by Tulsa police officer, is focused on unity
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I refuse to eat at Jess and Jims as to call their commercials retarded would be an insult to those actually suffering from chromosomal disorders.

Anonymous said...

im sure you are missed in fact i wonder how they have trudged on without you

Byron Funkhouser said...

I don't want middle class white men to 'like' me. I am proud to not be one of them, for they are the enemy of the American People, however much they delude themselves that they are the American People.

They are White Privilege & White Supremacy, & therefore an impediment to the realization of our true selves: An ethnically diverse & multi-cultural melting pot of the world's disaffected. Only thus, does our nation have any moral legitimacy.

If you are afraid of this inevitable future, you are free to return to Europe, from whence you came.

I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement in their fight against you, & your hired thugs!

"Freedom is merely privilege extended, unless enjoyed by one & all."

Anonymous said...

Come on Tony get rid of this race baiting asshole!

Anonymous said...

Cops are the enemies. Thugs are victims. We can't even utter the word "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence without being labeled a bigot.

Yes, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr is absolutely correct:

NOW is the time to push back.

#DavidClarke #CharlotteRiots #BlueLivesMatter #FlyoverQuotable

Anonymous said...

Liberal mainstream media pundits are baffled as to why almost 95 percent of Americans do not trust the press. One need only look at recent events to realize why that is so true.

“All white people are f**k**g devils,” one of the BLM peaceful protesters shouted at a news cameras fluttering around Charlotte. While the media says this is a “peaceful” protest, the video shows the violence that is really going on in Charlotte.
The video expertly ticks off some of the many things which turn a lawful and peaceful protest into a violent riot.

Yep, you guessed it, all occurred repeatedly over the course of the past several days in Charlotte, but showing them does not fit the Liberal narrative being forced upon us by the mainstream media.

The Liberal pundits not only ignore important facts about the shooting of a black ex-convict by a black police officer, they are largely clueless about several very simple tidbits about Keith Lamont Scott.

Fox and Friends co-host, Juan Williams, a Liberal, tried to argue it was not illegal for Scott to have a gun, even when one of his peers told him the man was a convicted felon.

Williams was ignorant of Scott’s background, but yet felt he was informed enough to argue in his defense.
After the Liberal Fox News co-host committed the fact to memory, he then tried to argue just because Scott was an ex-convict that did not mean it was illegal for him to have a gun.

Um, Juan, yes it does.

Oh, Juan, how about the repeated calls by the officer to tell him to drop the weapon?

I guess those don’t count either.

Are we at a point in today’s society where liberals expect cops to stand by and become nothing more than a shooting range target before they are able to fire off a shot?

That might be a solution for the left but I have a better one… DON’T COMMIT CRIMES AND LISTEN TO COPS!

Anonymous said...

I want to eat at kates!

Bob said...

3:55, do try to get over yourself. It's a one sided infatuation I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Tony knock of your phoney ass Bilerun Funkensheister bullshit and stop showing your ass. Everyone knows you have racist issues. Stop trying to give them credibility through an alter ego. How silly.

Anonymous said...

Kate needs to run for president, but since she is patriotic she is surely a racist, violence promoting, enemy of the free world.

Anonymous said...


The motion by the ocean is JIGGLE!!!