Friday, September 30, 2016


This week in Kansas City news might have been focused on faraway debate among two of the worst people to ever run for President . . . But closer to home the power moves were far more ambiguous.

Take a look at these power players who dominated the last few days . . .

Tony Berg 'Killing It' @ Kansas City Star

President and Publisher of the biggest daily newspaper in Kansas City Tony Berg has seen the departure of two longtime columnist this week . . . Whilst the exits have been met with both glee and dissent . . . The only thing for certain in that the new dude is, in fact, a hatchet man and Dead Tree Media in Kansas City trimming is certainly an ongoing process cutting deeper every day.

Unwanted Kansas City Airport Rises From The Ashes Like A Phoenix Thanks To EPIC Chamber Junket

Kansas City has said "NO" repeatedly to this project repeatedly but that hasn't stopped Mayor Sly and his big money pals despite their promises to back off . . .

KCTV5: Kansas City metro leaders meet in Dallas for research on KCI airport plans

While critics maintain their opposition . . . "A recycled scheme and falsehood that Kansas City won't have to pay a dime" is being relaunched.

The Old & Busted Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Back On Track For Part Deux

This week the EXTENSION VOTE WAS APPROVED and designs for more Riverfront track were also pushed forward in addition to new trains purchased purportedly because of their popularity. Like it or not, the streetcar is rolling forward without much evidence of economic benefit that was promised in the beginning.

ACLU Stays Winning Over Kansas SecState Kris Kobach And Voter Crackdown

Here's a bit of legal chest thumping amid the coming election and nearly mandatory voting for Hillary Clinton . . .

ACLU: Avoiding Contempt of Court, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Says He'll Let People Vote

Don't feel too bad, it seems Ann Coulter has a crush on the dude and wants him to be the VP.

Jason Kander's Gun Trick Worked!!!

The financial paper or record for the nation recently offered this headline . . .

Wall Street Journal: Missouri Democrat Jason Kander Grows More Confident in Senate Race Against GOP’s Roy Blunt

Meanwhile, Kansas City's favorite native political son seems to be marching toward Washington with or without Hillary.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Free KC said...

With the newspaper on the decline, KC is seeing even more corruption and crime. The two go hand in hand.

Think about that. The public needs a watchdog and Facebook, Twitter and blogs aren't doing it.

TV has tried their best but their efforts just can't measure up.

There is some hope with public radio and public television but a lot of viewers feel that those outlets are to liberally biased. It's important to have a conversation about corruption in our city and that's something that's not happening, which is why it's getting worse.

Anonymous said...

Kander's polling is college based. I don't know what the Wall Street Journal is thinking but they are calling this one too early.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Kander will win. He's got a puncher's chance and Roy Blunt's campaigning has been lackluster.

Anonymous said...

Hope this ex military dude kicks the establishment ass holes off , we need new non governmental guys with BIG BRASS BALLS LIK THIS GUY AND PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP ! Singed , a black man ¡

Anonymous said...

Star's Tony Berg is "Killing It." That's right, and the metro is already better for it.

Each and every time Mayor Sly and Co. bring up their single-terminal airport scheme, KC residents say it's a terminal idea and "Kill It."

The ToyTrain streetcar was terminated in this town decades ago for a reason. Anyone who passed Economics 101, says "Kill It" and definitely don't exacerbate the mess with expansion.

Kris Kobach, the future Governor of Kansas, is "Killing" time.

Jason Kander, the guy from Kansas, educated in D.C., husband of a lobbyist, liar to Missouri voters, is about to get "Killed Politically."

KC Voter said...

^^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

is blunt a good retail politician.....real question? he has every tool to win if he is. otherwise, he looks like a senator personified, which is not necessarily good unless you're a good politician.

Byron Funkhouser said...

By definition, it isn't possible for a non-politician to run for public office.

I worry about people who can't see that Trump is a moron, who will magically make things better, without actually knowing how anything works, who thinks fat shaming is presidential.

It looks like straight up xenophobia. He claims Mexico is "sending" (Is he claiming these are agents of the government?) "rapists, etc.", when "illegal" immigration is at its lowest level, ever. The border isn't secure, even though there are more border guards than ever. Obama isn't doing enough, even though he's deported more people than any one in history.

The racists on this blog seem to think he is going to do "something" about the "black plague". He can't do anything because he doesn't know how anything works. He thinks everything is a business deal, & he thinks he's the greatest business man of all time.

"Trust me, on one understand ISIS better than I do." Really? Wow, that is so assume. Who did you come to acquire this understanding? Have you ever read a book, or watched a documentary about the world. You mostly seem to be obsessed with models.

Why can't you people see what a crazy, hateful man he is?

Anonymous said...

I can ,Byron and i think a lot more can as well,they just aren't admitting it.

Im thinking that plenty of the outspoken Trump supporters know he is whack and

when it comes time they will vote for Hillary, of course ,never admitting to

doing so..JMO. I think they are mostly posers and know damn well how loony and unfit for the presidency he really is...LET'S HOPE!

Anonymous said...

Bryon makes good points sometimes. but that is getting rare.

Anonymous said...

Of course Trump looks like the lord god almighty in comparison to that flakey, crooked,pompous, cunt, bitch Hilliary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Roy Blunt's wife looks like Katelyn Jenner!

A family of lobbyists, time for the Butts to go.