Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kansas City Twerk & Splash @ Adam's Mark

One of the last good time video from the latter part of Kansas City Summer 2016 as evidenced by overcast skies and a cavalcade of "healthy" hotties gathered at this hotel pool by the Stadium.

Don't be a hater, this clip still looks like more fun than most of us had this Summer.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA... as long as these hoodrats stay away from the plaza

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the same bunch that was at the 7-11 Flashmob?

Anonymous said...

ONE hot girl. Kind of lame guys.

Anonymous said...

Thats probably all they had working at the "club" that day.

Anonymous said...

--an epidemic of infectious disease that has spread through human populations across a large region;

A culture which idolizes narcissism, vanity, drug use, crime, degradation of women.
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Anonymous said...

So when does the EPA shut down the pool. God knows the shit left behind is likely toxic.

Anonymous said...

I Really really liked that Steel Guitar that dude was playing

and did ya see that set of Drums that guy was playing ??? badd ass

and that Saxaphone, as huge as it was,,,

and that HARP

And the chick on the PIANO was awsum

that 1 dude on the 6 string was good too

and that BANJO' Player was cool

the chick playing the FLUTE was good ,,,,

all those young "Non-Talented" musicians were really really awsum and good,,,,

I'll be promoting them on my TV Show soon,,,,,,,,,

ya'll remember HEE HAW from back in the 70's

well my TV show is called HOOD-RATZ' similar to Heeeeee Hawwwwwww !!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL clown ,you laid it down!!!