Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kansas City Tax Break Reform Deferred

Hard feelings today among the Council as an EPIC change fizzled and the corporate welfare agenda continues . . . Kansas City Council Postpones Highly Anticipated Vote On Tax Incentive Reform


Anonymous said...

KCMO COUNCIL postpones vote on tax abatement reform AND blight designation for the Plaza's luxurious Intercontinental hotel.

OBVIOUSLY, they're just hoping to wait out the opposition and see if the public falls back asleep, so they can continue playing fast and loose with their wealthy developer contributors.

The Intercontinental request is SO ABSURD it should have been shot down at first sight! The fact that this remains pending is indicative of KCMO municipal DYSFUNCTION.

Anonymous said...

+1 10:57

Now, the Downtown Marriott is at the council's door with their cap in hand asking for the same handout.

It never stops.

The motion to quell tax grift is all smoke and opportunity by council members to be seen. They will always vote in favor of big money.

In defense of Intercontinental, the hotel is a shithole. There are nicer, newer hotels but the Intercontinental rakes in plenty of dough. They just dont want to cut back on bonuses and incentives.

Anonymous said...

There was a report a week or so ago that the Intercontinental had received something like $70 million dollars in loans from some bank last year for renovations. Why the hell do they need city assistance then? This is a privately owned hotel that should be maintained by the owner. This CID designation for a luxury hotel on the plaza would have zero benefit to the city.

Oh...and it hasn't been mentioned, that parts of the hotel, i.e. the garage, already got some kind of city assistance for repairs and such.

Hey, if I need to repair my home, can I go to city hall for a handout too? The downtown Marriott (who already gets about $1 million per year from the city) is already lining up to get whatever the Intercontinental gets. It's going to set a bad precedence and every hotel in the city will be lined up around the block if this goes through. And everyone in city hall that allows this to happen should be fired on the spot.

Anonymous said...

9:58 commenter for City Council!