Thursday, September 22, 2016


Tonight's GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City political conversation is dominated by discussion of competing rail initiatives and the ongoing TOY TRAIN controversy.

Check the description . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews light rail activist Clay Chastain about his light rail plan which will be on the ballot in November's election. Then Annie Presley, Patrick Tuohey, Jamekia Kendrix and Jason Grill discuss Chastain's light rail plan, extending the streetcar line, parking issues in the River Market, the NY Times response to the override of the Missouri gun bill veto and next week's presidential debate."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Even count Conservative Vs. Liberal.

Nice work Mike Shanin. One of the few places where we will see an even match up.

Anonymous said...

Patsy vs. Grill meeting of the minds?

Oh no.

Anonymous said...

give kudos to kcpt for at least giving clay chastian air time.after all he did have the only rail plan that that passed a city wide vote

Anonymous said...

Did they discuss unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

I would rather watch a discussion of socks!

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Shanin,

I am the person who for multiple weeks earlier this year brought to your attention the glaringly lopsided and unfair composition of the Ruckus panel. Recall some of my previous commentary:

"Of the 18 episodes, through May 19, no less than 14 featured a panel skewed 3-to-1 favoring Democrats (78 percent). Four episodes featured a balanced 2-to-2 panel (22 percent). And exactly ZERO episodes featured a Republican and/or Libertarian dominated panel (0 percent)."

Since Ruckus has returned from the Summer pledge break, I believe all of your programs have featured a balanced panel of guests. Thank you for listening to reason, and implementing the long overdue changes. I assure you that viewers do notice the difference between a balanced political discussion, and a 3:1 Democratic Party propaganda assault.

SEP 8 = Gwen Grant, Lisa Johnston, Ron Freeman, Steve Mirakian
SEP 15 = Patrick Tuohey, Mary O'Halloran, Steve Rose, Jon Stephens
SEP 22 = Jamekia Kendrix, Jason Grill, Annie Presley, Patrick Tuohey

Everyone has their own bias, and mine favors the Conservative viewpoint (Conservative as in fiscal and social values, strong law and order, respect and protection for all citizens). I especially enjoy panelists which come prepared and help educate viewers with factual data. Tops on my list would include guests such as Woody Cozad, Steve Mirakian, Crosby Kemper, and Patrick Tuohey.

Thank you Mike Shanin, and please continue this new trend.

Anonymous said...

They all read TKC to see if you approve or not?

Anonymous said...

"(Conservative as in fiscal and social values, strong law and order, respect and protection for all citizens)"

Let's break it down shall we:

Conservative as in fiscal = I favor regressive taxes that unfairly target the poor.

Conservative ... social values = I hate LGBT's & regard their fight for equal rights as an assault on Christianity.

strong law and order = I support the killing of unarmed black men who disobey orders from their masters.

respect and protection for all citizens = I support gun rights without regard to reason, & I support the prison industrial complex because I'm afraid of black people.

There, I think that about covers your self-righteous bullshit.

chuck said...

12:50 A fine example of logical fallacies, which Commissars on the left use when confronted with facts. Go ahead and call him a Nazi too.

The only bullshit here, is your typical leftist cant and rhetorical over reach that anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see right through.

Self Righteous? Sanctimony and faux outrage is property owned in total by the left. Being offended for a living is your number one occupation right after smashing windows, beating people in the streets and whining about needing safe spaces for the thugs that enforce your sick ideology.

chuck said...

The gun control conversation was summed up perfectly by Annie Presley. She simply said, that thugs were not gong to turn in their guns. That thugs already have guns.

After January 1st, we will carry them too.

Now, THIS, is what I call, "Evening The Playing Field".

Anonymous said...

Chuck, stick your faux outrage up your racist ass.

Anonymous said...

6:47 is that fucking Byron

Anonymous said...

12:50 comment is DELUSIONAL

In response to another's comment, 12:50 totally FABRICATED an imaginary world predicated upon THEIR OWN mental illness.

If someone admits a preference for white bread to go with their BBQ order, it doesn't say anything about:
a desire to unfairly tax wheat bread,
a hatred of sourdough,
homicidal intentions against dark rye,
or a wish to imprison all flatbreads.

12:50 effectively demonstrated for all readers here an example of what's sometimes referred to as the "radical Left" or "looney Left."

Anonymous said...

Last night was OK but the best thing about it was Mary "The Mouth" and Gwen the "Hair Hat" weren't on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Chuckless never overreaches, & all true Americans are racist assholes like him.

Maury's Wigs said...

Hair hat! that is brilliant. She is the queen of wigs in KCMO. I wonder what she/he looks like without one? She/he probably does too.

Hyperblogal said...

RUCKUS is one of those rare programs that ceased to be relevant before it premiered.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was on Maury and had a makeover. Best wig I ever had. Locks of love wig custom made for me. Be nice to Maury...

Anonymous said...

Gwen/Glenn? the Hair Hat is bald.