Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kansas City Police Discover Missing Raymore Woman's Car Burned And Empty As Loved Ones Mention Kara Kopetsky Ex-Boyfriend In Their Desperate Search

Another tragic Kansas City missing person's case is unfolding this weekend in the local media.

More than any other news org . . . Here's a passage that offers an exceptional bit of insight . . .


Runions' family told 41 Action News that Jessica went to a house party with her boyfriend Thursday night, this was the last time she spoke with her mother.

"She had constant contact it's not like her to not return phone calls maybe a long period of time but she would eventually get back with you," Michele Runions said.

She adds, at the party was also Jessica's boyfriend childhood buddy - Kylr Yust.

Yust is the same man who was the boyfriend of Kara Kopetsky. The young woman vanished in 2007, her case remains unsolved.

He's also the same man who was convicted of assaulting another woman, stealing from a tattoo shop and of animal cruelty for stomping a kitten and tossing it into a river.

Runions' aunt said Jessica's boyfriend left early, leaving Yust and the 21-year-old woman behind.

"We just know that they left the party together," Michele Runions said.


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Pitch: Kara Kopetsky's ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened his pregnant girlfriend, saying 'I've killed people before, even ex-girlfriends'

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

That tattoo.

Anonymous said...

Killa City reaching out for more victims.

Anonymous said...

Local TV showed their CrimeWatch show that profiled this case the mid day of her disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy out and about? Sounds to me like one who needs to be locked up asap so that he can serve the full sentence for whatever crimes he has committed. You just that your daughter has good enough radar to take one look at him and run.

Anonymous said...

The White Male Monster...There's no relief in sight.

Anonymous said...

>Why is this guy out and about?

because he was never arrested or even convicted of a crime.

Anonymous said...

Mean Jean was busy with other things.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and let this "white monster" get shot by a cop and see how many cities will be looted and burned by white people. Dolt.

Anonymous said...

Difference being if this white whale monster is shot by police we won't care as long as he's guilty, which he probably is. If any white people have any information that would solve the crime we would tell the police. So go ahead dumbass 6:49 and try to compare white and black people but look at the Dept of Justice statistics that are frequently posted here and you'll see the monsters are black. Take a look at almost every single shooting in KC, but yeah you finally get to cherry pick a white guy for once.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy out and about? Because he has never been convicted. Has he ever had to show up in court for his sociopathic behavior? Leave it to Jackson County to let this guy slide by. If he lived in any other county around here, he would have been charged, convicted, and assigned time for animal cruelty, domestic abuse, or stealing. Everybody should get a second chance, but third forth, fifth chances should not happen. I think all of us should be asking the Jackson County prosecutor why this guy was never charged with any crimes and demanding that they quit being such wimps. If this guy is getting away with all these crimes, why should he stop?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason they can't find this guy is that school has started. He's gone back to Yale.

Anonymous said...

If your daughter is stupid enough to date a a guy suspected of killing his last girlfriend, killing kittens and you are dumb enough to allow her to date said sociopath. You might not blame this guy since you kind of already knew who he was.

Anonymous said...

This guy could win the White Trash Sweepstakes. Violence against women and girls, unfortunately, is normal for these types, along with lowlife tattoos, but stomping a kitten to death? Holy shitfuck.

Anonymous said...

The Kara Kopetsky case is in Cass County not Jackson 10:54 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Register Number: 24748-045
Age: 27
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 08/05/2016

Not even two months out and he is again abusing and killing.