Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kansas City Newie Elite Talk This Week

Quick peek at newsmakers talking this week in Kansas City and even a bit of rare debate among the top tier pundits.

Take a peek at the description . . .

"Nick Haines, Mike Ferguson, Barbara Shelly, Jack Cashill and Dave Helling discuss the overrides of Jay Nixon's vetoes of gun and voter ID legislation, the impact for Jay Nixon as the most overridden governor in Missouri state history, MO lawmaker Jamilah Nasheed's pledge of allegiance protest, streetcar expansion, Kemper Arena, Kauffman Center and the Raytown School District's attendance incentives."

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Weez goona change da way the city works by appearing on dis show.


Anonymous said...

Barb Shelly uses an "Isolated Anecdote" to refute Cashill's so called "Isolated Anecdote".

Anonymous said...

These "holier than thou" liberals wilt when Jack holds their feet to the fire. Pouty, whiny, take-my-ball-and-go-home anti American, Liberal elitists.

Anonymous said...

Best way to get a liberal to look like a totally useless waste of time and skin is have them sit down at the same table with Jack Cashill to debate ANYTHING at all.

Westport douche said...

^^^ I like that comment because it hates everyone.

Anonymous said...

Helling certainly likes to hear himself talk.
He thinks he is expert on everything, and wants to have the final word whether it's important or not. Him and Shelly should star on their own program and maybe then they would understand how irrelevant their opinions really are.

Anonymous said...

Pardon my enthusiastic language, but Jack Cashill is fucking BRILLIANT!!

Cashill cites the recent Shawnee Walmart shooting incident as an example of positive outcomes from the public exercising their gun rights. Shelly fails to rebut Cashill's outstanding commonsense.

Cashill adeptly asks why is the AARP even involved in this issue. Shelly spouts a failed argument.

Governor Nixon's Future?
Cashill reminds us that pre-Ferguson and MU protests, Nixon was touted as a possible VP pick, but now he's done with no future in politics.

Protesting Pledge of Allegiance
MO Senator Nasheed sits on her fat liberal ass. Cashill calmly speaks the truth in reviewing the fictional media narrative over the George Zimmerman case, Ferguson case, Baltimore case, and takes politicians to task for their ignorance. Shelly makes excuses for Nasheed and continues enabling stupid behavior. David Helling issues a cry for help, exposing his career burn-out, when stating that ALL of politics is about symbology anymore.

Streetcar Expansion
Cashill calls out streetcar propaganda efforts, and uses the example of his garage sale. Few people were buying, but when he put up a "free" sign, he got overrun with interest.

Historic Kemper
Cashill, "the notion of calling it historic, debases the meaning of the word historic. It's not an attractive building."

Kauffman Center for Performing Arts
Cashill agrees it's been a success because of the fact that it was largely privately funded and is KC's most iconic architectural structure.

Raytown Schools Pay Students / MU Enduring Problems
Cashill's Ph.D. is from Purdue, and Mitch Daniels is the President. Daniels stated (during the MU protests) that Purdue stands in proud contrast to MU, no one makes demands upon our administration, they're free to make suggestions but not demands.

Summary: Cashill blows Shelly and Helling out of the water with his straight commonsense and direct logic. Leave it to the son of a police officer to successfully subdue and restrain 2 liberal criminals.